Race, Opposition to Same Sex Marriage, and the Obama Vote

Percentage voting for Obama by Race and Support for Marriage Rights: 2010 GSS

Oh boy, now that the Kenyan made gay marriage mandatory, we have lots of reflection about what “the Browns” might do. Anthea has a nice overview of the reaction of those who support marriage rights, and the closet case child molester “sexual rednecks” who don’t (gee, sounds like black people are just like white people….that’s just crazy!).  Obviously, “Fox News” thinks they’re going to run off and vote for some Mormon billionaire. Sometime, though, looking back gives a hint of what might be to come. In the 2008 election, culture wars issues like same sex marriage had a profound effect on the likelihood of voting for a Kendonesian communist islamic homosexual—but only among whites and to a lesser extent “others” (split about even between Asians and Latinos the crude way I look at it here). Only 19% of whites who oppose marriage rights reported voting for Obama. In contrast, over 95% of African Americans voted for Obama no matter what their views on same sex marriage. And, most of those other brown people voted for Obama even if they did think that gay marriage should not be mandatory.  Overall, since the trend is strongly towards making homosexuality mandatory in marriages, and forcing every church to have a gay marriage for every straight marriage (soon to be outlawed!), we can expect that Obama’s support for homosexual supremacy will ensure his reelection. Get ready for those FEMA camps, Christians!


3 Responses to “Race, Opposition to Same Sex Marriage, and the Obama Vote”

  1. schmielt Says:

    Laughing my ass off…poor whites might be stupid enough to choose their vote based on something as removed from them as gay marriage rather than their financial and societial interests, but it’s gonna take more than that for minorities in this country to ever trust a fucking Republican again. I think they’ve learned that lesson pretty thoroughly. What’s that quote again? “Fool me once, shame on…shame on you…fool me…you can’t get fooled again.” A wise man once said that. They are totally deluding themselves if they think there’s a chance in hell they’re getting the black vote over gay marriage. Idiots.

  2. sherkat Says:

    Fortunately, by 2012 election time I estimate that only about 33% of whites will be opposed to same sex marriage, and about 55% will support same sex marriage—so, given the trend, it’s hard to say that this will cost Obama at all, even among whites.

  3. schmielt Says:

    I love how everyone’s acting like he’s just now in favor of marriage equality. Obviously he always was, and he’s just been playing the political games necessary in the job. Even liberals are all like, “Yay! Obama has finally seen the light!” No, stupids, he finally gauged it as safe to come out in support, because he’s fucking smarter than you.

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