Support for Same Sex Marriage in the 2012 Election

Support for and Opposition to Same Sex Marriage, 2004-2012 GSS Projections

That Kendonesian “President” of ours has just declared that he thinks that Adam should run off with Steve and leave Eve with the snake in the orchard.Obviously, the next step is that Eve will marry the snake and there will be mandatory homosexuality and black helicopters filled with United Nations Homos sent out to violate godly Americans to prevent Jesus from returning to kill everyone, and shit. Yep, mandatory Gay marriage. We all knew it was coming. Socialist, communist, Islamic Gay marriage.

Of course, pundits are now worried that Obama’s outing of his plan to gay marry us all will hurt his reelection chances. As if anyone who is against gay marriage would vote for a communist from Kenya in the first place, except for those gay hating black Christians…..but, what, they gonna vote for some worthless rich Mormon?!!!

Using a conservative and simple trend analysis on GSS data, I estimate that at the time of the November elections nearly 53% of the American electorate will be supportive of same sex marriage rights, while under 35% will be opposed to marriage rights. I’m thinking that most of those 35%, save for a black constituency who isn’t gonna go Romney, are never going to vote for an African Communist Homosexual for President.


One Response to “Support for Same Sex Marriage in the 2012 Election”

  1. Hagan Says:

    That is just science for you, everyone knows that it isn’t true. The invisible sky man will make it all go away ‘cuz he hates the gay.

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