Bristol Palin Loves Fake Sociology

Bristol Palin, wow, you must have loved that!

Ah yes, you gotta love being a big mouthpiece for the religious right, touting the benefits of heterosexuality and making the case for eliminating school breakfasts and lunches for kids who live in single parent households (or, who are poor with same sex parents! As if that ever happens….). Now, our conservative Christian fake sociologists have a regular gig spouting off complete bullshit in the New York Times, because that’s a liberal hamster cage liner. I really like how young Bradley is able to have some tool who is sucking off of his Institute for American Values and Templeton grants to pimp his research in a supposed “research article”. Of course, the “research” says that all people are better off heterosexually married before age 25, and women should be barefoot, pregnant, and unemployed, but swimming in that enchanted sense of gratitude that comes with Christian Patriarchy. And, now, what more could you want. Bristol Palin is pimping your research! I’m sure she also likes Mark’s stuff on how women are all whores and they hate sex and women who have sex devalue other women because all women are whores! I just love that. Can I have my letters of recommendation back?


2 Responses to “Bristol Palin Loves Fake Sociology”

  1. schmielt Says:

    Your links aren’t working…

  2. Dania Ng Says:

    You’re that pathetic, uncouth, dishonest so-called sociologist who is a cristophobic, are you not? You’re really in need of a better shrink, lol.

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