Dying on Tulsa Time

It’s interesting that the Trayvon Martin case and the latest set of racist murders in Tulsa coincide so well, and yet the lamestream media (as Sarah Palin dubbed it) seems not to notice the clear connection. Both sets of murders were a direct result of lax gun regulation combined with “stand your ground” laws. This is obvious in the Martin case, where some nutjob racist stalked black kids in his neigborhood, and god only knows what his mental health record looks like (even though he was allowed to openly carry a handgun in public). And, of course, since everyone, especially fat conservatives, are afraid of black teenagers, this meant that Zimmerman acted perfectly within the law when he killed that kid. If Zimmerman wasn’t such a dipshit racist numbskull, he’d be exonerated on all charges. But, it looks like he’s rather go on Sean Hannity (whoever he is….I don’t watch TV), than avoid prison.

More complicated is this Indigenous kid England (he ain’t white, and is 19 years old). Apparently, his drunk angry daddy got shot by a black guy who also benefited from the “stand your ground” laws in Oklahoma. Given that the indigenous are accorded nearly white status in Oklahoma (One of my old buddies who is a current chief-level official of a tribe not to be named  used to put “KKK” on his football helmet when we played the “black schools”), the fact that a black guy got away with shooting one probably means that the indigenous guy was seriously up in his face–which these laws allow people to respond to by killing people, rather than calling the cops. And, as ALEC hoped, this means that there is often retaliation from others. The reason why ALEC supports the “Stand your ground” and other type laws is because they increase crime. Crime is at an all time low, and if we don’t have crime, then conservatives won’t have anything to whoop up on the minorities with. So, if we can just make guns more available and more public, then we’ll get situations like what happened in Tulsa. Protracted, violent, tit-for-tat conflict. And, this gives us more reason to hate the browns! No matter what they do! Protect themselves, not protect themselves, it doesn’t matter. We know it’s their fault.

It’s really unfortunate that both of these tragic events are being used to further fuel racial tension. Both were the result of ignorant gun laws designed to increase violence. I don’t want to see Zimmerman put away for life or England or Watts. They are nutjobs, who do need punishment and monitoring, but what really needs to be changed are the laws which enabled both of these events to occur.

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