The National Organization for Marriage’s Racial Agenda: Research, Theory, and Assholes

2010 General Social Survey

Oh boy, Maggie Gallagher and her gaggle of closeted homophobes have really gotten themselves in spot of santorum! Turns out, somebody hacked their “playbook” revealing that their grand plan was to enlist THE BROWNS against THE HOMOS. SHHHHHHHH!!!!! Don’t tell anyone!!! But, the problem with THE BROWNS is that they aren’t always what you think, especially if you’re a clueless racist pig. I’m a bit perplexed that the NOM’s social scientific consultants at the National Institute for Marriage didn’t quite understand our recent paper on racial differences in support for same sex marriage.  Most egregiously, Maggie and her little boys completely missed the Latino issue. Like most, Slaggie assumes that since Latinos are Catholic (which many are, but a substantial proportion are not), that they will be opposed to legalizing marriage for all. But, both assumptions are wrong. First, many Latinos are secular or only nominally Christian (not even Catholic). Second, LIKE OTHER CATHOLICS, Latino Catholics are Pro Marriage! Gay, Straight, trans, whatever, you gotta have booze at the wedding, though. As you can see above, from 2010 data, Latin Americans are less likely to oppose same sex marriage than are Western Europeans. Asians are also pro-marriage, so forget your outreach to that group as well.

Opposition to Same Sex Marriage, 2004-2010 GSS

What I find most perplexing is that the NOM folk didn’t seem to get the trends we presented in our paper. Yes, we show that African Americans are more likely to be opposed to same sex marriage than are whites. However, we also show that this is entirely a function of ties to sectarian Christian groups and fundamentalist beliefs. And, we also show that the trend in African American public opinion mirrors that of whites. Indeed, tracked from 2004-2010, African Americans liberalize even more quickly than whites. Opposition dropped by 17% among African Americans (from 68% to 51%) and by 15% among whites (from 55% to 39%). Given the trend, it is safe to say that this year the GSS will find only a minority of African Americans are opposed to legalizing marriage for all, and support for same sex marriage may outdo opposition, as it does in the full sample.

But, the totally cool part is that these assholes somehow think that THE BROWNS will flock to them after far right wing conservative Christians have fucked them over consistently for more than two centuries. Sure, go ahead. Trust them. They’re your friends, not those dirty hippy people who welcomed civil rights and shit, I mean, those people are a bunch of homos!

One Response to “The National Organization for Marriage’s Racial Agenda: Research, Theory, and Assholes”

  1. James Sweet Says:

    Interesting about Latino support for marriage equality, that was a surprise to me. So much for that strategy…

    Ignoring the moral disaster that it is, I don’t think NOM was completely crazy to go after African-Americans. Yes, it is true that black opposition to marriage equality is completely explained by religiosity, but that doesn’t make it go away. “Amplifying the voice” of African-American in the Democratic party, as NOM suggested in its memo, would indeed weaken support for marriage equality in the party: They are use race as a proxy for religiosity, because they know that overtly trying to “amplify the voice” of the religious in the Democratic party is not going to go over well with many.

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