RELIGION drives beliefs about evolution, and damned near nothing else does…..

Religious beliefs and understanding of evolution: 2006-2010 GSS


Christian activist scholars are fond of confusing the issue regarding scientific understanding and religion. They are loathe to admit that the only reason why people fail to accept the scientific consensus is when people are infected with religious beliefs. In the United States, those beliefs are easily identified with Christian Biblical Fundamentalism–the belief that the bible is the word of god. Nuance is irrelevant. No matter how you ask this, about one third of Americans are fundies, I wonder how that stacks up against Iran, Saudi Arabia, or Israel…..Never mind. The question at hand is how they view science. And, the answer is that they tend to reject it. Less than one fourth of fundies accept evolution as an explanation for human origins. In contrast, nearly 88% of General Social Survey respondents who believe that the bible is a book of fables believe that humans evolved from other species. Less fundamentalist believers are more likely to understand science—with 56% believing that humans evolved. So, while many accounts somehow characterize the US as a nation of cretins who reject science, the actual data suggest that only our religious fuckers are ignorant morons, and that our less religious believers are coming into the fold. While “accommodationists” may see this as evidence that we should be nice to the religious wackjobs, a more attentive focus on the analyses would suggest that we should work to move the religious  from 56% to 88%…..


6 Responses to “RELIGION drives beliefs about evolution, and damned near nothing else does…..”

  1. schmielt Says:

    It sure SEEMS like we’re a nation of cretins, so I guess this is encouraging…but why are the cretins so much louder than the rest of us?

  2. sherkat Says:

    Yeah, I don’t know. I’ve been working on opposition to contraception and sex education all morning…..The anti-evolution people have a huge funding base and a bunch of whore pseudoscholars puking out rubbish, so there’s a lot of basic misinformation about just how stupid Americans really are, which is pretty stupid, but not as stupid as the stupid Americans want us to believe….

  3. Amelia B. Ketzle Says:

    I finally decided I wasn’t taking any chances with the anti-contraception and anti-choice assholes in this country and just got my tubes tied. Fuck ’em. If their god really wants me to procreate, he’s gonna have to work extra hard…

    Why does it serve their purposes to make us look dumber than we are, when you HAVE to be dumb to believe what they want people to believe?

  4. sherkat Says:

    The main cause is “majoritarianism”—they value portraying the majority to be in line with far-right sentiments and orientations. And, this justifies “teaching to the controversy” and other concrete strategies which undermine science or any critical perspective on society. “all real white Christian Church going Americans believe X” so X must be true!

    Now, if you could only grow a penis….

  5. Amelia B. Ketzle Says:

    You might have lost me there…??

  6. sherkat Says:

    Ah, sorry, change of topic. Unless you grow a penis, nobody cares what you think about contraception, or at least that nobody who is a frothy mix of lube and fecal matter.,

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