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Sex, Marriage, and Income….why prudes fail, and how conservative pseudointellectuals misunderstand social processes.


Personal income by number of sex partners for unmarried GSS respondents under age 30 by Gender

Charles Murray, Bradley Wilcox, and other conservative “intellectuals” would have you believe that marriage makes you rich, and that the source of American inequality is people turning away from the gods given lifestyle of the heterosexual patriarchal nuclear family with lots of children and a virgin bride who drops out of college, doesn’t work, and bakes cookies! Real sociologists are shocked that anyone would make such claims in public, since we all know how sex and marriage and wealth work. No Money? No Honey! That’s right. Now, think about it. In case you’re too fucking stupid or spent your youth sucking off some priest, success in life–or at least having a successful economic position—makes it easier to negotiate sex when one is not married. And, unmarried people want to have sex, just like everyone else. GSS data show that 75% of unmarried respondents under the age of 40 reported having had sex in the last year. People have sex because they like sex, but also they want to have intimate connections to other people. And, low and behold, having sex with other people can generate positive affect!!! Also, you find out things about people. Whether or not you might make a compatible long term mate, for example. This  is what really horrifies the conservative Christian wackjobs—they’re horrified that adults are trying out potential mates and considering sexuality to be a big part of mate choice. You know, like you’d expect. And, of course, if you didn’t do that….ah…..Gee, no wonder conservative Christians have the highest divorce rates!!!

But, I digress. Back to the issue of why married people have higher incomes, and who those high-income married people are, in terms of their sexual histories and mate choice patterns. Above is a figure charting the personal income of unmarried GSS respondents under the age of 30. Most of these people will marry, eventually. I present these data by gender and by the number of sex partners in the last year. AS you can see, people who do not fornicate have low earnings, and this is true for both women and men. There is a substantial income benefit to fornication—or, rather, people who make more money are more likely to get laid at least once in a year. And, there is a slight monogamy benefit relative to “limited searching”.  People who have 2-3 partners don’t earn as much as monogamous fornicators. However, people who are casting a wider net, having four or more partners (but fewer than 11, you sluts!) have substantially higher incomes. Indeed, women who have 5-10 partners in a year earn 50% more than women who can’t get laid, and the difference is even bigger for men!

These high-earning slut people tend to wind up marrying, later in life and with knowledge about what they want in life and in bed. They have high household incomes because both the men and women have strong and stable careers. They also tend to have more stable marriages, in contrast to the patriarchal marriages of sectarian Christians.  Their advantages aren’t about moral prudishness or patriarchal submission touted by bullshit pseudointellectuals. The advantages of contemporary married couples were forged by fucking around, finding someone you love, staying with them at the appropriate stage of the life course, and doing whatever you both want or negotiate.

Sperm is Precious for Santorum, more important than lube and shit.


Beliefs about Contraception and Sex Education by Religious Beliefs: GSS

Jesus fuck a bunny in the ass, what are the shittards up to these days? Railing about CONTRACEPTION. Yes, now we have devolved to a society which not only wants to make rape victims bear a child but also wants to make sure that women risk pregnancy if they have sex. Those little sluts!!! Sluts are sad, and sluts make good women sad, so they must pay, and submit to the patriarch. The limp one. I don’t know how you do that, since those limp fuckers aren’t much to submit to, and I guess they’re usually busy sucking each other off at some conservative christian council meeting or something. But, we all must agree that the women must pay. They must cower under the boot of patriarchy, for their own good and the good of society.

Who believes this shit? Well, Way more than half of fundies, people who believe that the Bible is the absolute word of some really fucked up god, believe that contraceptives should be unavailable for teenagers (age 14-16). That is a crucial age when most fundy teenagers are fucking their brothers/sisters and cousins. Under a fourth of secularists think we should deny the fundies contraception while teen-fucking their relatives. Almost one in five of the fundies think we should have no sex education in schools. That’s something you should learn from your family!

What is disturbing is that the fringe beliefs of radical wackos are now informing public debate and public policy about important issues. We’ve done a lot to mitigate unplanned births and to improve people’s lives by letting them understand human sexuality. All of this could be lost–and already has been for many—with the ascendance of conservative Christian public policy designed to make women more vulnerable and dependent. There is no viable public policy objective, they just hate women and sex, or at least they hate sex with women. And, they definitely hate women….

RELIGION drives beliefs about evolution, and damned near nothing else does…..


Religious beliefs and understanding of evolution: 2006-2010 GSS


Christian activist scholars are fond of confusing the issue regarding scientific understanding and religion. They are loathe to admit that the only reason why people fail to accept the scientific consensus is when people are infected with religious beliefs. In the United States, those beliefs are easily identified with Christian Biblical Fundamentalism–the belief that the bible is the word of god. Nuance is irrelevant. No matter how you ask this, about one third of Americans are fundies, I wonder how that stacks up against Iran, Saudi Arabia, or Israel…..Never mind. The question at hand is how they view science. And, the answer is that they tend to reject it. Less than one fourth of fundies accept evolution as an explanation for human origins. In contrast, nearly 88% of General Social Survey respondents who believe that the bible is a book of fables believe that humans evolved from other species. Less fundamentalist believers are more likely to understand science—with 56% believing that humans evolved. So, while many accounts somehow characterize the US as a nation of cretins who reject science, the actual data suggest that only our religious fuckers are ignorant morons, and that our less religious believers are coming into the fold. While “accommodationists” may see this as evidence that we should be nice to the religious wackjobs, a more attentive focus on the analyses would suggest that we should work to move the religious  from 56% to 88%…..

Education and Beliefs About Evolution, to be perfectly clear


Proportion believing humans evolved from other species by education

Wackjob survey industry whores are constantly trotting out ridiculous numbers, usually because someone paid them to show that “most people believe X.” And, even when  they have no concrete interest. it is always good to muck things up by acting like some anomalous estimate from a non-representative survey is indicative of some kind of “trend” in public opinion. That’s their bread and butter. If it isn’t new, it isn’t a finding. It doesn’t matter if it’s accurate, much less relevant. Lately some of the survey whores have been claiming that even educated Americans are stupid enough to believe in creationism. And, the drunken British press has chimed in. But, the estimates they present are absolute farce.

Above you can see the true distribution of a the estimated proportion of respondents who believe that humans evolved from other life forms by educational attainment and year of the General Social Survey. You can see that the pattern is mostly consistent over years, except that people who have not graduated from high school are increasingly in line with the scientific consensus rather than religious nonsense. Further, people with college degrees are more likely to believe that humans evolved from other life forms, and people with graduate degrees are substantially more supportive than are those with BA/BS degrees. That education produces support for scientific explanations should not be surprising, but what seems lost on most people talking about this issue is that more than half of respondents from all levels of educational attainment now agree that the creationist myths of the Abrahamic tradition are bullshit, and about three fourths of the most educated reject the creation myths of the Abrahamic tradition.  Yet, many more states are wasting time passing laws to force schools to teach Christian creation myths in public schools.