Kings, Queens, and serfs

I’ve always been a bit jaded about Martin Luther King. For most of his very few years he was a chosen spokesperson who hid the genius of the Southern African American community behind a veneer composed of his quite formidable oratory. But King wasn’t the brains behind SCLC nor was he a key person in the formation of the movements which vaunted him into the limelight. But, it’s also a hard cold fact that King was GOOD. He helped those movements succeed.

And then he really started to grow and to think beyond the small world of just getting basic rights. And then he was killed.

Had Martin Luther King Jr. lived, the world would be a very different and much better place. Instead, the “left” lost grounding, and devolved into navel gazing. African Americans demobilized, and never reached out to form coalition with other minority groups or with poor whites (despite MLK’s efforts). And with Ronnie Raygun came the full out assault on the middle class, and on any gains which had been made for reducing inequalities.

It’s kind of funny that gay rights is now the only central salient issue distinguishing political groups. I don’t think that’s good, since equal rights for all, however good, doesn’t do much for economic inequality across the entire society.

But, on this MLK day, we mostly have to remember that we’re all just servants of our corporate overlords. We’ll sell them whatever they want. Just send us an RFA and we’ll concoct some “research.”


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