I’ve always been mad….like the most of us are….

Get a haircut, you little fucking commie!

I suppose I’ve always been a bit different, and somewhat aware of that. I spent most of elementary school at the back of the class doing my own special assignments, since I arrived at kindergarten already knowing how to read and write (with very poor penmanship, always a problem with some schoolmarms….), add, subtract, multiply, divide, and balance simple chemical equations. But Jesus Fuck! I even looked like a freak! My dear friend Carole Sue sent this along, maybe via Teena Lea, the Brownie in the picture. Yep. same as it ever was.

4 Responses to “I’ve always been mad….like the most of us are….”

  1. Hagan Says:

    Middle row 4th from left?

  2. sherkat Says:

    Yeah, the freak kid.

  3. Hagan Says:

    You are not the only freak in that picture. The bottom left front row for example. But, that said, you have your freak flag showing pretty hard,

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