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Kings, Queens, and serfs


I’ve always been a bit jaded about Martin Luther King. For most of his very few years he was a chosen spokesperson who hid the genius of the Southern African American community behind a veneer composed of his quite formidable oratory. But King wasn’t the brains behind SCLC nor was he a key person in the formation of the movements which vaunted him into the limelight. But, it’s also a hard cold fact that King was GOOD. He helped those movements succeed.

And then he really started to grow and to think beyond the small world of just getting basic rights. And then he was killed.

Had Martin Luther King Jr. lived, the world would be a very different and much better place. Instead, the “left” lost grounding, and devolved into navel gazing. African Americans demobilized, and never reached out to form coalition with other minority groups or with poor whites (despite MLK’s efforts). And with Ronnie Raygun came the full out assault on the middle class, and on any gains which had been made for reducing inequalities.

It’s kind of funny that gay rights is now the only central salient issue distinguishing political groups. I don’t think that’s good, since equal rights for all, however good, doesn’t do much for economic inequality across the entire society.

But, on this MLK day, we mostly have to remember that we’re all just servants of our corporate overlords. We’ll sell them whatever they want. Just send us an RFA and we’ll concoct some “research.”

I’ve always been mad….like the most of us are….


Get a haircut, you little fucking commie!

I suppose I’ve always been a bit different, and somewhat aware of that. I spent most of elementary school at the back of the class doing my own special assignments, since I arrived at kindergarten already knowing how to read and write (with very poor penmanship, always a problem with some schoolmarms….), add, subtract, multiply, divide, and balance simple chemical equations. But Jesus Fuck! I even looked like a freak! My dear friend Carole Sue sent this along, maybe via Teena Lea, the Brownie in the picture. Yep. same as it ever was.

Spreading Santorum: The Commodification of Public Opinion, Part 5


What is that, Santorum?

I know. I had to skip parts 2-4 because this was just too good to pass up. For the last several weeks, the commercial outlets who sell what little information we have about what is going on in the world have been all aflutter about which mindless numbnut is leading the Republican Primary caucus race in Iowa. First, caucuses aren’t popular polls, and it’s a primary–which means party only. Getting a bead on who is going to win something like this when you have roughly five equally popular unqualified candidates (and one guy who is qualified who hasn’t a chance in hell) is impossible. Instead, what we have seen are competing bullshit polls, each touting the rise and fall of one after another candidate. These come out daily.
So, some beltway bandit firm (Defined in Part 2) hooked up with either a “nooze” outfit or a political party or action committee supposedly did a “survey” of “voters”. On Tuesday. between 3pm and 6pm. The survey supposedly has a “margin of error” which they erroneously identify as a function of the number of people who eventually answered their questions, on Tuesday, between 3pm and 6pm, on a landline telephone. And, sure as shit the 600 people they happened to contact on Wednesday don’t have the same preferences as the 600 some other dipshit bandit group supposedly corralled on Monday. No shit. They’re getting maybe a 2% response rate….and sampling from a totally bogus frame. The only good thing is that in Iowa among Republicans they probably all have land lines.

What was really cool was how Santorum spread like a thin veil of contaminated lubricant all over Iowa. Of course, that was after Newt was king, and Romney made his mark. Of course, it looks like Ron Paul will be the winner….and since he didn’t buy any beltway bandits and isn’t loved by Rupert Murdoch there where no polls saying that Ron Paul was going to take Iowa….No, they likedĀ  the spread on Santorum.

Update: Santorum all over Romney’s behind, with Ron Paul licking at Santorum.