Plastic People Paradise

Take a Day and Walk Around
Watch the Nazis run your Town
Then go home and check yourself
You think we’re singing, about someone else?

Plastic people is the first Zappa song I listened to. My old friend Harlan Harris, who wound up being the gay kid on the block, turned me on to Zappa when I was just a kid. This was a real favorite. Funny how it inspired not only freak kids in nowhere USA, but also political icons like Vaclav Havel, who led the Velvet Revolution in Czech, and who died today. Havel was a huge Zappa fan and even made Frank a cultural liaison in the transition government. Frank played one of his last concerts in Prague.


One Response to “Plastic People Paradise”

  1. zencomix Says:

    I first heard Plastic People on one of the You Can’t Do That Onstage cassettes, Frank related its Louie, Louie inspiration. Great song, and thanks for the link!

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