Zappa Family Values….Will that redeem us?

The first weekend of Zappadan is always hard. The holidays are stressful, and with all of the fitful activity of Black Napkins Friday, then the Day In the Dark, Where all the Shark Bubbles Blow, and the Festivities of the First Day of Zappadan, you can get yourself into a bummer. But, Bummin’s for losers baby. What, you gonna be a Suicide Chump? No. time to get back to business. Zappa was only in it for the product, not the pay. This interview with Steve Vai is classic. Zappa wanted the best and he busted their asses to perform at the top. The worst thing in the world is being strictly commercial. But, that doesn’t mean you slough-off and tighten your headband for an extra rush during Jerry’s guitar solo. No. You put your nose to the grindstone…will that redeem us? Probably not, but at least you won’t be a fucking worthless self-absorbed loser.

And, these kids are working…


2 Responses to “Zappa Family Values….Will that redeem us?”

  1. Hagan Says:

    Awesome stuff.

  2. zencomix Says:

    Eat that pork, eat that ham…

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