Shape of Things…..

I hit the SSSR meetings in Milwaukee recently to see my buddy Mag and race a cross race. I forgot my tutu, though. It was an interesting experience, and somewhat better than expected. Mostly because the decline of the United States and of American sociology of religion has lead to an increasing Europeanization of the meetings. Jim Beckford and Eileen Barker deserve considerable credit, as do Grace Davies and David Voas. I was talking with David at one point and the enormity of it hit me. If these meetings were in Manchester UK there is no way in hell I would be able to attend, and yet there were dozens of scholars from the UK, and not all of the stature of David Voas. They have money. We don’t. And, they aren’t getting their money from shady-ass right wing foundations seeking to promote right-wing Christianity. No. They just get money to do their scholarship, like you would expect at a real University in a non-Third World country…..


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