Striking for the Fuck of it.

Chancellor, Students, Colleagues, whatever....I'm fuckin' it!


Some of the faculty at my humble university are “on strike” to attempt to wrest all control from teh board of trustees and the evil Alien Rita Cheng and establish the utopia of faculty governance over every decision. We will have petitions to decide which vegan toilet paper will be used in our unisex bathrooms. Soldarity Forever!!! The “faculty union negotiating team” spent last year not showering and meeting in the fake Sufi coffee shop, and refused to even discuss whatever they might demand, even though the prior contract had already expired. And, of course, they don’t work in the Summer, that’s when they go to their summer homes on the coast. So, instead of bothering to try to bargain, they made ridiculous demands (….define financial exigency….) and start gearing up for a strike for two months before it took place. This was really a bunch of hipster wanna-be types who were just itching to say “I went on strike”. Nobody knew jack-fuck about the real issues, or thought about them in terms of what is true at every other university in the nation, and how the focus on ultimate do-or-die scenarios was psycho and paranoid…..Let me tell you, as many who troll this blog know, if I’m calling you paranoid, you’re in sad, sad shape. But, mostly this is just what McCarthy and Zald and Oberschall were talking about. The motivations for collective action are not largely rooted  in some desire for a collective good, and people may not even understand what collective goods are sought by social movement organizations, but instead people participate in movements for social rewards which accrue to activists who show fealty to the pre-mobilized group. Unfortunately, if SIU loses another couple of thousand students, that pre-mobilized group is going to be getting a lot smaller.  This is a complete trainwreck, and these people are idiots. There, glad to have that off…



One Response to “Striking for the Fuck of it.”

  1. Marcie Says:

    Hilarious..and dead on.

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