Christian War against Weed

Support for Legalizing Marijuana: 2010 GSS

One of my friends just got busted for growing weed on his farm. The guy’s in his mid-60s, and a former Peace Corp worker and retired teacher, who now runs a reasonably successful agricultural operation—but not in weed. He’s an old hippy who likes to mellow out and smoke a few doobies (he still calls them doobies and rolls joints instead of using a bong or pipe). And, this being the season when the DEA likes to illegally search people’s land by airplane and then concoct probable cause to get a search warrant, he was visited by several jack booted thugs from the DEA and Jackson County’s finest fat guys.  They tore up his property, stole his weed, and even ran over and killed one of his dogs (the guy is an absolute dog-loving nut, and he almost started crying when he told us). Now, he awaits charges.

Why? Because, while most Americans  have seen the light on the abject failure of the War on Drugs (aka the war on brown people and hippies), one segment of the population believes that we should spend all kinds of money on helicopters, thugs, prisons, and lawyers—the fundies. The war on drugs is their war.  While 48% of Americans support legalization, only 31% of fundies think weed should be legal.  People who hold secular views of religious sacred texts are strongly supportive of legalization, with nearly 70% backing legalization. Most of what is wrong with this country can be tied to conservative Christianity, thank you Jesus.

2 Responses to “Christian War against Weed”

  1. zencomix Says:

    This breaks my heart. The killing of the dog is the twisting of the knife.

  2. tony Says:

    Fundies are the easily taunted organ monkeys (I won’t say attack dogs out of repsect for your friends loss) of the pharmaceutical companies here.
    The war on drugs is protecting legal drugs so much more dangerous than a doobie.

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