It’s the Patriarchy, Stupid.

Adjusted personal income for married men and women: 1973-2010 GSS

Right-wing propagandists have been fond of touting patriarchy as a solution to all varied social problems, real or imagined. If only women would go back to being little mommies and leave the big bad world to the big strong men then there would be no inequality, no crime, global happiness, and most importantly no homosexuality–which means you could take a pee in public bathrooms without waiting from some guy to blow a wad in some other guy’s mouth. Of course, this is all bullshit. In the last post I presented the basic problem of inequality and religion—wacko sectarians who believe in gods and hell and heaven and shit like that tend to fair poorly on a variety of stratification outcomes–and of course, those are the same wackos militating for wifely submission and successfully eliminating birth control from health care plans (they don’t need birth control, since their teeny pricks never get hard enough in the presence of a woman to necessitate the prevention of implantation, and they own their housewives in the event that they sometimes might be heterosexual). Back in the real world, egalitarian couples do really well, in worldly terms like education, income, and wealth, and in terms of relationship quality–most objectively indicated by rates of divorce. Egalitarian couples marry latter, after they’ve had sex with other people! And, they establish separate and fulfilling careers, which they respect for both women and men. And, oh look. Who has the highest incomes? Patriarchs with separate spheres? No. Unitarians, where estimates suggest women earn just as much as men. And, of course, the highest divorce rates are also on the sectarian side of the continuum. No money, no honey.


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