Crusades Continue, Medicare Slashed….

Fuck me again! Keep it up for another decade!

As the United States spirals into what Immanuel Wallerstein called the semi-periphery, we continue the war against Islam unabated. We’ve pulled a few punches here, but then added some drones and bombers to our new crusades in Libya, Yemen, and elsewhere….We’re perfectly happy spending a trillion a year killing people who don’t believe that Jesus was the ONE, but god damn it, your fucking loser ass granny needs to get off her ventilator, trot down to Wal Mart, and put in some 12 hour shifts so she can pay for her oxygen and medications. Fuck those god damned poor people! We need more war, and less “entitlements” for the losers who don’t make billions from the military industrial complex. No, Granny needs to get to fucking work or die, quickly, eh?


One Response to “Crusades Continue, Medicare Slashed….”

  1. Hagan Says:

    That is why my Granny works at Granny’s Bunker Busters!

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