Dolly Parton and Courage

Dolly Parton has always been an enigma in Southern culture. Yeah, sure, she was picked for her pretty face and big tits, but even when she was just barely a kid she was writing her own stuff, and producing some of the deepest lyrics in her genre. Parton’s talent really couldn’t be contained by mainstream Nashville, and since she was successful she was able to build an empire. But, you get the feeling this woman who was just a poor kid from bumfuck nowhere remembers that. She remembers how it felt. She has empathy for people who might not be treated right by others. She was once a kid who felt ashamed because she was poor.  Standing up to discrimination isn’t easy, and I’m sure the radical right is just horrified that Dolly would do such a thing. But, when a family was fucked with on her property because they didn’t fit the conservative Christian mold, she came out and said, “not in my house.” Wow. That’s real courage. Sure, Dolly is a gay icon, but most country music people are not tolerant, and that is why the incident occurred in the first place. She’ll endure a shitstorm of protest from right wing christianists, but Dolly knew that. Those were the same people looking down on her and calling her a dirty white trash slut. I think she still remembers….


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