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religion and well being reconsidered


I'm not a homo, I just like to fuck them up the ass!

Yes, those homos are just oppressing the Christians. And anyone who claims that Christian opposition to Homos having the right to live like other people is just a dog darned homo-lovin’ Christi’n 0ppressor. Because, we all know that Jesus and Christians are always good, and those god damned homo-commies are just trying to force themselves on the rest of us. They just want to make us all homo, too. Also. Even. So, it is extremely important to allow Christians to kill young homos, by making them kill themselves and/or by simply doing that for them. Especially when they are just fucking children. Fucking fucks.

Notably, in this latest example of Christian Terrorism, the Christianists had actually been to an organized event, and then came back to kill some kid who didn’t fit with their religious agenda. Kill the gays, just like in Uganda, only in Minnesota! I’m Sure Michele Bachmann is proud! reports:

IOWA: Student Dies After Gay Bashing

A 19 year-old college student was beaten deathin Michele Bachmann’s hometown of Waterloo, Iowa this weekend. Witnesses say Marcellus Richard Andrew’s attackers shouted anti-gay slurs while kicking him in the head.

Officers and paramedics said they found Andrews unconscious with severe head injuries in the early morning hours Friday. Andrews, who was slated to start studying interior design at Hawkeye Community College, spent part of Thursday practicing with members of the Crusaders, a drill team sponsored by Union Missionary Baptist Church. He led the step team for the group, which was days away from competing in March Against Darkness. Night found him at Nakita Wright’s home on Cottage Street. She said the problems started at about 12:45 a.m. Friday when she and Tudia Simpson, her cousin, went for a walk down the street. Andrews opted to stay behind, waiting on the enclosed porch, she said. The two women hadn’t made it as far as Adams Street a block away when they heard yelling back at the house. They ran back and found a truck stopped in the street, and the occupants were taunting Andrews, calling him “faggot” and “Mercedes,” a feminization of his first name, Simpson said.

The police have made no arrests, despite the fact that the attackers knew Andrews’ name.

Crusades Continue, Medicare Slashed….


Fuck me again! Keep it up for another decade!

As the United States spirals into what Immanuel Wallerstein called the semi-periphery, we continue the war against Islam unabated. We’ve pulled a few punches here, but then added some drones and bombers to our new crusades in Libya, Yemen, and elsewhere….We’re perfectly happy spending a trillion a year killing people who don’t believe that Jesus was the ONE, but god damn it, your fucking loser ass granny needs to get off her ventilator, trot down to Wal Mart, and put in some 12 hour shifts so she can pay for her oxygen and medications. Fuck those god damned poor people! We need more war, and less “entitlements” for the losers who don’t make billions from the military industrial complex. No, Granny needs to get to fucking work or die, quickly, eh?

Dolly Parton and Courage


Dolly Parton has always been an enigma in Southern culture. Yeah, sure, she was picked for her pretty face and big tits, but even when she was just barely a kid she was writing her own stuff, and producing some of the deepest lyrics in her genre. Parton’s talent really couldn’t be contained by mainstream Nashville, and since she was successful she was able to build an empire. But, you get the feeling this woman who was just a poor kid from bumfuck nowhere remembers that. She remembers how it felt. She has empathy for people who might not be treated right by others. She was once a kid who felt ashamed because she was poor.  Standing up to discrimination isn’t easy, and I’m sure the radical right is just horrified that Dolly would do such a thing. But, when a family was fucked with on her property because they didn’t fit the conservative Christian mold, she came out and said, “not in my house.” Wow. That’s real courage. Sure, Dolly is a gay icon, but most country music people are not tolerant, and that is why the incident occurred in the first place. She’ll endure a shitstorm of protest from right wing christianists, but Dolly knew that. Those were the same people looking down on her and calling her a dirty white trash slut. I think she still remembers….

Liberal Protestants aren’t Evangelicals


Nick Kristof loves him some Evangelicals.....Wait, that's not an Evangelical?!

The New York Times‘ designated gonzo boy Nick Kristof wades out just a bit beyond his diaper threshold to scold us bad secular people for being mean to “evangelicals”. The reason why is that on many of his 24- hour-visits-under- gunfire to various third world hotspots (designed to titillate the aging hipster demographic) he encounters Christian activists who seem not to be genocidal maniacs during the brief time he shares hunkered down in their pantries. And, some old Anglican fucker died who promoted foreign missions and aid to the poor in underdeveloped nations. Notably, however, this minister was an ANGLICAN! Cambridge educated. Church of England, God and Queen and such, you know. Posner does a good job in presenting the other side of the coin regarding evangelizing the planet. However, what seems to be missing from any reasoned discussion is the extent to which the word “evangelical” should be applied to a leading figure in the Queen’s Church. He’s a fucking Anglican, for fucks sake. He’s not a fucking evangelical. He is so far removed from the Jerry Falwells and Pat Robertsons of this world that they should not be mentioned in the same chapter of a book on contemporary Christianity. He’s a liberal Protestant. Indeed, he is the epitome of a liberal Protestant and the antithesis of what we commonly identify in the United States as “evangelical.”

Sectarian Christians should be made fun of, and they should be excluded from the public sphere. Gonzo boy Kristof should go hang out in Nigeria on the fringe of Christian-Muslim-indigenous violence–and base himself among the indigenous. “Evangelical” missionaries are helping their converts, who then are encouraged to kill or convert everyone else, and wage holy war. The liberal Protestant missions, however valiant and well meaning, have paled in success when compared to the sectarian and fundamentalist missions. And, those religious nutjobs are now fueling war and genocide, as we should expect. So, yeah, if I ever have time to go to a cocktail party, I’ll continue to deride the sectarians, and to roll my eyes at the fruitless efforts of the liberals religious types.