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Anders Behring Breivik, Norwegian Christian Terrorist


Very Nordic.....Just Like Jesus.

Wow, hard to believe that even in Norway the Christian nutjobs are killing people. Turns out, this one was pissed about those god damned Muslims invading his country. So, he blew up a government building where regular people worked, and then shot a bunch of kids at a camp. But, only Muslims are terrorists…..this guy must be just nuts, right? Just another aberration….produced by aberrant religion.

From the Puffho:

“On a Facebook account that Norwegian media outlets have attributed to Breivik, he describes himself as having Christian, conservative views. He says he enjoys hunting, the games World of Warcraft and Modern Warfare 2, and lives in Oslo. He also lists political analysis and stock analysis as interests.”

Update commentary:

This is what can happen with the confluence of the deregulation of religion and the ascendance of nationalist/racist supremacist groups. It is quite likely that both were fueled by connections to not only Norwegian but also international (and particularly US based) religious movements. The Scandinavian Lutheran churches pretty much gave up on controlling religion, since most people reject religion in those nations. About 40 years ago, they opened the floodgates to “Free Churches” many of which were planted by right-wing, racist, American sectarian groups (indeed, even Rhema Bible College from Tulsa has a major Jesus factory up Northway). Sectarian Protestantism in the US is devoutly racist and white supremacist, and that fits nicely with the resentment of immigrants fueled by right wing political movements. The answer, of course, is to tightly regulate religious markets and prevent religious nutcases from spreading–and the best way to do that is to enforce early public education, and to monitor, tax, and formally rebuke religious nutcases. Yes, there should be a religious regulator who says, quite publicly, “Jesus fucker X said Y, and that is bullshit and unacceptable in civil society.”

Deanlets, Deanlings, and the Decline of Higher Education


How do you like the Assistant Deanlet for Assessment!

I rarely get excited about the release of a new book, but Benjamin Ginsberg had me doing a pre-order on Amazon as soon as I caught whiff of the previews.  Ginsberg takes on the principal problem in American higher education, the excessive growth of meaningless and harmful administration. Bogus fads like “assessment” and “strategic planning” and “on line “education”” and such require an ever increasing phalanx of deanlets to “manage” the resources necessary to deliver these bullshit products. And, I have a feeling that Ginsberg isn’t going to hold his punches regarding the motivations of the people who fuel bureaucratic growth. At the top, he clearly points the finger at careerist top administrators who move from place to place, justifying doing nothing by making worthless plans (often plagiarized from other universities or simply rehashed–because bullshit is bullshit is bullshit!!!). Vision statement. Yeah. Right. Strategic Plan? Are there any other kinds of plans? Random plans? In reality, all actual administration is more random planning!!! You plan to use your resources according to how those resources have been randomly allocated to your department by some careerist asshole!

My hope is that Ginsberg doesn’t stop at the top–those high paid presidents and deans who move from place to place doing nothing and bailing out before they can be held accountable for fucking things up. Those people came from somewhere. They started out as deanlets and deanlings (he uses these terms! I should have copyrighted them!). Failed scholars who barely made tenure (or didn’t make tenure, in many cases) and moved into administration. Leeching on to some academic fad which they hope to ride into a cushy, highly compensated administrative job. We have several of those assholes who are successfully becoming deanlets at my humble university. They are the most loathesome pieces of shit you can possibly imagine. But, since the upper administration has been a revolving door (we’ve had four chancellors in the ten years I’ve been here), they’ve been able to implant themselves like tapeworms in the bowels of the University. And what do these tapeworms do? They require that we reconstruct our courses, force students to take bullshit courses which they designed (often taking kickbacks from publishers and consultants who also feed this parasitic infection in higher education), and they increase our workload by making people perform bullshit psychometric “assessment” which they don’t even understand. Some  failed humanities professor who never had a single course in statistics or measurement actually had the audacity to tell me that I was a bad teacher because I refused to play along with the “no child left behind” model of academic assessment.  My only hope is that they’ll be hired away to become Associate Deans at some other college…..and not replaced.

Making the Marginal the Fringe: Why Sectarian Christianity Should Crawl Under a Rock


Ah, poor Michele Bachmann. If only I knew her when we lived in Tulsa together. Now, it’s becoming increasingly evident that she’s an unhinged religious nutjob with a closet case husband. At least Sarah Palin’s husband is banging trailer bunnies on the snowmobile trails; Bachmann’s beard is blowing and “disciplining”  young Christian men who want to pray away the gay. You hate to be unkind and stereotypical, but Jesus Fuck! The dude can’t even hide his lisp! Shit, speech therapy works, “reparative therapy” doesn’t.

Better yet, we’re finally seeing just a little teensy bit of criticism of sectarian exclusivism!!!! Wow, so you’re Wisconsin “Evangelical” Lutheran Synod? So, you mean, you think the Pope is the Anti-Christ? It’s a bit funny that we’re only seeing this for Bachmann because WELS is so clear on their doctrine–and that it explicitly cuts out the largest Christian grouping in the US–the Catholics. Never mind that Sarah Palin’s Assembly of God contends that only through the baptism with the holy spirit, made evident by speaking in tongues (no, glossolalia not cunnilingus) can someone avoid eternal torture and achieve mansions in heaven. You see anyone questioning the idiocy of that shit? I’d like to see a more serious take on that magic underwear shit as well. What, you get to simply say “I’m Mormon” and not explain what the fuck kind of weird ass shit you believe–but you get to be president?  No, there shouldn’t be a religious test for office, but you should be required to truthfully say what you believe. Do you believe my kids are going to be tortured by your sadomasochistic gods?  You really think that your gods are going to help the country out of recession? Lead us to victory in the war against Islam? Demand that education be defunded, and that contraception be made illegal?

By definition, sectarian religious groups hold these exclusivist beliefs. Adherents of these faiths constitute about 30% of American citizens. And, all sectarians believe that they have exclusive access to heaven, and everyone else will be relegated to the Great Gitmo Below. And, it isn’t just that 25% of Americans who aren’t Christian who will receive eternal torture—Sectarians also believe that ALL other Christians deserve torture! Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann each believe the other is going to hell. Normal Americans need to make this a serious issue. If you are so fucking clueless and blinkered by primitive religion, you don’t deserve a voice on the public square. You are a minority, and you should be. You like that. Your rewards are in heaven. But, here in this world, the rest of us have a nation and a planet to try to save. Your Jesus will save you, eh? So go crawl back under a fucking rock.

Stranger in a Strange Land


Cuts to Social Security and Medicare are now considered politically mainstream. Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin are just nudging out a guy whose name means a “frothy mix of lubricant and excrement” for the Republican nomination, and their great hopes are for the entry of a secessionist from Texas or a couple of guys who wear magic underwear. Children are being denied school breakfasts and lunches because plutocrats don’t want to concede tax credits for moving jobs to other countries, and fascists and members of the Military Industrial Complex don’t want to give up their multi-billion dollar contracts. My 90 year old, WW-II veteran uncle died in fear of having his social security and medicare cut. He hoarded food and refused to spend any money–thinking that nothing would be there for him. America is gone.