Compromise or Capitulation? Why Progressives should ignore fake allies

Obama Vote by SSM position and Race:2010 GSS

Liberal religious types have been all in a tizzy about the not at all surprising realization that religious folk are intolerant–even religious folk  who claim to be liberal. When pushed on whatever the issue may be–abortion, same sex marriage, euthanasia, teaching science, or whatever—religious types eventually reveal what they actually believe, and it ain’t progressive. Only a very small proportion of religious Americans are truly progressive, and it requires jettisoning virtually all of the beliefs and values of the Abrahamic tradition. Unless your “Christianity” has evolved into a nice Unitarian-like universal ethic of peace and love for all (in which case it is no longer “Christian” by any reasoned sense of what that defines), eventually your gods are going to be assholes to someone—whether its the sick or the gays or the Hindus….Unfortunately, Liberal religious types are infected with the false belief that if we all just get together and talk, we’ll come to agree. And, of course, that means that they expect others to change their positions. After all, some dimwit Calvinist who claims to be a Liberal (and got his preaching “degree” from the same seminary that booted my old buddy Victor Anderson for being gay….) says that he wants to feed the hungry and end economic oppression (through Christian Charity, of course, not a structural shift in the distribution of wealth).  So, what? You think that he’s gonna change his mind about Abortion? Gay rights? Euthanasia? You think he’s gonna support science? You think he’s gonna be in favor of public education, instead of religious charter schools or other such rot?

Forming a coalition in social movements involves the sharing of resources in order to coordinate political collective action. When a coalition is formed among groups or individuals with clear differences of valuations for collective goods, one of two things must happen. Either a clique within the coalition will wield power in an oligarchic fashion, or the coalition will be forced to gravitate to “common issues”.  But, as is obvious from this example, both wind up in the same place. Common cause is the same thing as giving dictatorial power to religious conservatives. The “common cause” is everything we agree about—and we don’t agree about sexuality, education, science, etc.

So, fuck them. Why form a coalition with assholes who don’t agree and just want to dictate the policies pursued by the entire set of groups? A good example is Obama’s capitulation to religious conservatives on same sex marriage—the image of a Kenyan President making a pitch for “states rights” on this issue is hilarious. If we had state’s rights he’d be sold into slavery in a quarter of the Nation. As you can see above, 72% of white Obama voters either agree or strongly agree that same sex marriage should be legal, and that represented 51% of Obama’s vote total. African American Obama voters are much more conservative (as we should expect), but I doubt they were gonna run off and vote for Sarah Palin and that old guy peeing in his pants if Barak Hussein said he wanted everyone to get gay married. The other side is even more revealing. Fewer than 20% of whites who oppose same sex marriage voted for Obama in the first place. And, I doubt that for those people that same sex marriage was a salient issue in their vote–probably a bunch of union people who want jobs but hate gays, eh? So, why listen to these assholes? It’s the tail wagging the dog….again.

Obama Vote among those opposed to SSM by race

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