Patriarchy, Recession, and Marital Hapiness

Marital Happiness by Employment Status: US Couples 2000-2010 GSS

The Christian Patriarchy movement is now a fully operational subsidiary of the plutocratic right, and is advocating a further acceleration of inequality and opposition to communist socialist islamic homosexual anti-family jobs programs. Why? Because inequality and unemployment are good for marriage. My colleagues over in political science have shown convincingly that inequality spurs religious attendance–and that is another good thing in the very small minds of the Christian Patriarchs. And, Chief Propagandist claims that this together with economic distress helps marriages. No evidence is provided, of course, except some distorted jibberish that sent real, normal sociologists into a tizzy.

What is real? Well, above you can see the percentages of married Americans reporting that they are “very happy” with their marriage by employment status and gender of respondent. I limit this to respondents age 25 to 65, and to the 2000-2010 GSS. As Christian Patriarchs correctly note, men are happiest with their marriages when their spouse is underemployed (part time or unemployed). In contrast, women are happiest with their marriage when both spouses are employed. Men are least happy when they are underemployed—regardless of whether or not their spouse is working. Women are least happy when both are underemployed. Conclusion: American Men remain patriarchal assholes, and unemployment substantially undermines marital happiness.


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