He Won.

You like goats? I like goats!

The celebrations over the killing of Osama Bin Laden are a ringing confirmation of his victory over the United States of America. It appears that, if reports are true, Bin Laden was unarmed and could easily have been taken alive to stand trial. Instead, without a trial or sentencing, he was killed. The barbarity of it all makes us more like him. Yes, we’re no better than goatfucking religious nutjobs. But, we gotta give it up to Osama for making it happen. He’s the man. Booogity, booogity, boogity! He scared the US into abandoning civil liberties for its own citizens, and into a perpetual state of multi-front war which has crippled the economy. Transportation and communication have been disrupted, as “security” necessitates additional scrutiny. We have no moral authority on the global stage,  even in the face of totalitarian countries like China. We engage in torture, kidnapping, assassination, and we use drone bombs to kill people–never mind the innocent casualties, since we don’t give a rat’s ass about the lives of Muslims in this war against Islam.  We have to kill. Like bronze age goat fuckers. Just like Osama. We’re just like him. He won.


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