The Political Impact of Atheism

Belief in God by Obama Vote: 2010 GSS

You just can’t stop stupid. Now, another boot licking toadie for the radical right is claiming that atheism is unimportant because it is politically impotent, and we don’t read outdated top-down narrative history. This shit gets published in the Chronicle! Proof that a trust-funder kochsucker will always have more influence in the “public sphere” than a genuine scholar.  Well, let’s just whip that little puppy out, put it in the penis analyzer, and measure its length, girth, and thrust. Above you can see the percentage of white Americans voting for Barack Hussein Obama (anti-Christ, from Kendonesia) from the 2010 General Social Survey. Nearly 22% of white Americans do not believe in a god. 3% identify as Atheist, 7% as Agnostic, and 12% believe in some power “but not a god.” Notably, all of those three belief groups have exceptionally similar voting patterns—about 75% in each voted for the Obama. In contrast, only 41% of white god-believers voted for Obama. As a rough estimate, about 25% of Obama’s total vote was from white secular Americans–and this is  comparable to the number of votes he received from African Americans.  And, that excludes the contribution of non-white secular Americans.

In contrast to what some bullshit armchair pseudointellectual thinks, honest to fuck social scientific data show that secular Americans are a very powerful political force. There are far more secular Americans than there are African Americans or Latinos, and we vote at high rates and for liberal candidates (well, except for the anti-Christ, we had to do that because of the secular homo islamic pact to rule the world, it’s complicated).

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