More Christian Terrorism, while HUAC Investigates Muslims

Sikh? I thought he was a Muslim!

Ah, this last decade of Christian Terrorism has been really tough on the Sikhs. I’d have to scan back, but I think these are the fifth and sixth Sikhs to die at the hands of Christian terrorists since 2001. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Sikhs since before Bend it like Beckham–my alma mater Duke always made sure to have Sikh’s in the stands for the basketball game—bouncing Sikhs reduce the opponent’s free throw percentage by 2.5%. And, unlike American Christians, American Sikhs are really engaged in science and learning. But, of course, for Fundy Christian Terrorists, they’re all just towelheads who should be killed. Old men. Shot and left to die. At least the FBI finally found and charged the Tim McVeigh wanna be who almost succeeded in killing hundreds in the Martin Luther King Day parade. And, another group of Christian Terrorists was thwarted up in Sarah Palin country before they killed a Federal Judge and a bunch of troopers. Meanwhile, the U.S. House of Representatives Unamerican Activities Committee is promoting rounding up all of them Muslims into concentration camps, might as well put the Sikh’s in there for good measure, eh? And what about the Jews? And the gays? And the Mexicans? And the Kenyans?!

4 Responses to “More Christian Terrorism, while HUAC Investigates Muslims”

  1. Van Says:

    Really. I’ve been arguing with some teabaggers on a message board about how there has been a steady background of rightwing terrorism for decades. and other than 911, Muslim terrorism has been practically zero in this country. And all this shit about Sharia Law is stupid beyond belief. But Fox news has these idiots believing hordes of scimitar wielding Arabs are about to descend on America and rape all the women.

  2. Van Says:

    Got to feel sorry for the Sikhs, though, it’s kind of hard to blend in when your religion requires you to wear a turban.

  3. Ceres Says:

    Is that mouse necrophilia? O_o

  4. Christian Terrorists Kill More Sikhs! 12th or 13th since the War on Islam « Iranianredneck’s Weblog Says:

    […] in suburban Milwaukee, and their kids allĀ  wind up going to Northwestern and Chicago and DUKE! I’ve said this before in another post about Christian Terrorists killing Sikhs in the US, but between Bend it Like Beckham and the omnipresent male Sikh student bouncing around […]

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