Happy Virgins, Sad Sluts? The Fictitious Foundation of Christian Sociology

Happiness by Sex Partners: Unmarried women under 40 in the GSS

Susie Bright did a wonderful job eviscerating the idiotic premises of the current cause of concern for Christian Sociology–Premarital Sex!! Yes, premarital sex is killing society. So, we need to ban Planned Parenthood, make contraception and abortion illegal, and publicly flog any sluts who get preggers through fornication and adultery. Because, so they say, sluts are unhappy anyway, and premarital sex makes women sad. And, sluts make good women sad, so let’s make sure that the social order is set up to hurt sexually active women. Real women hate sex. Because, when some random psycho asks to have sex with them they refuse. Wow. How scientific!!! I’m impressed. And, of course, everyone has had a hook up. Once. So, everyone is having sex with anyone they meet, and Christian sociologists have to get theirs in the port-a-potty in the park across from the church. Well, there is a bit of a problem. The foundation for the Christianist argument against sex is dead wrong. Virgins aren’t happy and sluts aren’t sad. And, despite the fact that most people reject sectarian Christianity, most people can only tolerate having sex with one person. It isn’t that they don’t want to have sex with other people, just that real humans can’t get along with very many other members of their species long enough to have sex with them.

Above I present the distributions on the happiness items in the GSS by number of sex partners in the last year for women under the age of 40 who have never married.  17% of unmarried female GSS respondents reported no sex partners in the last year, while 55% reported one partner, and 17% reported 2 partners, 5% reported 3 partners, and 6% reported 4-100 partners. As you can see above, there are almost no substantively important differences in self reported happiness for women who have different numbers of sex partners. Most women who have from 4-100 sex partners are happy or very happy. Indeed, “virgins” don’t fare so well when compared to respondents who at least fornicate. There is simply no basis in truth for the assertion that sex is bad for women. Christian “sociologists” cook this up by looking at sexual abuse among pre-teens and early teens. Yes, 14 year olds with more than 10 sex partners are less happy……if it weren’t for the Christian teabaggers, we’d have social service professionals to try to help those poor people. But, adults who choose to have sex are perfectly happy.

Normal adult sexuality is not fucking everyone you meet, in contrast to the assumptions of Christian sociology. Hooking up is rare, age specific, and harmless. Indeed, women who have sex with five to ten different partners in a year are not substantively less happy than are women who are monogamous or women who don’t have sex. Claiming otherwise is a lie, but it will get you money from right wing foundations.

The right wing propaganda mill wants us to demonize and criminalized sexuality, and to defund programs which help women control their fertility while maintaining normal, healthy, happy sex lives. They want women to suffer from their sinful sexual behaviors. They want to force women under the boot of patriarchy. And sociologists are the leading propagandists for this neo-patriarchy movement. I hope this propaganda shit doesn’t count for their promotion or tenure….political activism isn’t sociology.

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