Marijuana Legalization Support Nears a Majority

Support for Marijuana Legalization: 1973-2010 GSS

Support for legalizing marijuana is one of the few social attitudes that shows genuine period effects. It was high in the 1970s, low in the Just Say No 1980s, but it’s been increasing ever since that nadir. The latest General Social Survey (the last remaining scientific survey of American public opinion) shows that almost 48% of American adults supported the legalization of marijuana in 2010. A huge shift from even a few years ago. People are sick of watching their kids, their friends, their friends’ kids, and their neighbors and other associates get  put in prison because they smoke or sell a bit a weed. We  need to legalize pot, and most importantly we need an immediate amnesty on those incarcerated under these draconian laws which were applied quite unevenly across social groups. Legalize weed and set the people free. That would generate tens of billions of dollars in tax revenue, while reducing the cost of policing and incarceration quite dramatically.


6 Responses to “Marijuana Legalization Support Nears a Majority”

  1. C'squared Says:

    I understand your argument about legalization of marijunana and its desire to be legalized however; I believe it should not because it is the biggest gateway drug today. It leads to many other drugs when young adults get bored with the effects. It also leads to a world of crime because in order to buy weed you must have money and the easiest ways to get money are illegal ways. All this leads to bad things and although people want it legalized it should not because it is a huge gateway to other worse crimes.

  2. sherkat Says:

    By that logic, we should make alcohol illegal. We tried that, remember? Weed is cheap and virtually harmless. The main effects seem to be making people eat cheetos. The anti-drug industry is a leech on the rest of society, and it ruins people’s lives–and obviously c-squared is a part of that industry. Great way to score some grants from my tax money, not a great way to run a country.

  3. C'squared Says:

    Your assumption is that with weed legalized America would make billions in tax revenue. That is very false. Big drug dealers are not going to just come out and say they have been dealing Marijuana and they want to pay taxes now. Tax evasion would skyrocket. Another one of your assumptions is that dealers are harmless and should be set free. What about the dealers who are murderers like big time marajuana dealers? We cannot have them running around.

  4. sherkat Says:

    No, when weed is legal and bottom will drop out of the market for weed. Because, you might want to remember, weed is a weed, which grows like a weed! Most people will probably grow their own, but a lot of people are too lazy or not good with plants, and commercial operations will grow much better weed than most amateurs could grow at home. The analogy is alcohol (most people don’t brew their own beer or make their own wine–but they would if beer was $80 a six pack). The rest of your rant is bogus, and belied by our experiences with alcohol legalization. Are you being paid by the DEA or something? Those boys are going to lose their funding, they should be scared.

  5. Van Says:

    If they could prove it made your dick grow bigger it’d be legalized in 10 seconds:)

  6. Marella Says:

    I read an interesting article on the effect of weed on the price of booze (in Australia). The gist was that weed availability suppressed the price of alcohol, so legalised weed might have even greater effects. I wonder if the wine or beer industry is putting any money into the effort to keep marijuana illegal? Along with the legions of cops and lawyers whose livelihood would go down the drain, to say nothing of prison owners. One of the main reasons I am opposed to the privatisation of gaols was that it creates a powerful lobby group with a vested interest in putting us all behind bars, and especially keeping marijuana illegal.

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