Religion, Politics, and Support for Same Sex Marriage: 2010

Party Identification, Religious Beliefs and Support for Same Sex Marriage

In our  recent Social Science Research article, we demonstrate that both religion and politics play  strong independent roles in structuring support for and opposition to same sex marriage. The Republicans have not simply been taken over by the fundies, but instead are also directly complicit in supporting homophobia and opposition to civil rights among their more secular constituents.  The above graph updates our findings using the 2010 General Social Survey.  Notice that among fundies, who believe the bible is the inerrant word of god, support is very low even if you are a strong Democrat–but it’s twice as high as it is among Republican fundies. Among moderates and seculars, the effect of political party is quite dramatic—67% of strong Democrats who think the Bible  was inspired by god support same sex marriage, while among Republicans with the same beliefs support is 18%. Among people who think the bible is bunk, 82% of strong democrats support same sex marriage, while only a third of republican non-believers support civil rights. Party matters.

3 Responses to “Religion, Politics, and Support for Same Sex Marriage: 2010”

  1. Robert Hagedorn Says:

    God did make Adam and Eve. But Adam and Steve could have done the same thing Adam and Eve did. Do a search: The First Scandal.

  2. James Sweet Says:

    What the hell is wrong with the 1 in 5 “Democrats who believe the Bible is a book of fables” who oppose same-sex marriage????

    I guess they could subscribe to some other craptastic religion… But it doesn’t seem like the numbers would support that.

    Seriously, how can you be a secular Democrat and oppose same-sex marriage, in 2010? The mind boggles….

  3. Darren Sherkat Says:

    Age is a good bit of that, but you get your hard core working class types who just hate gays. It’s easy to do, if you’re not gay or don’t know anyone out of the closet. But, at least 82% is better than 33%….

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