Christian Fundamentalism, Secularism, and the Obama Election

Obama Vote Percentage by Religious Beliefs: White Americans 2010 GSS

Clueless pundits and agents from right wing religious groups are fond of saying that sectarian religion transcends politics. It doesn’t. And the best measure of sectarian tendencies–when religion makes people think that they deserve supernatural rewards while people with other beliefs deserve punishment—is an indicator of fundamentalist beliefs in the sacred texts of the dominant tradition. Voting behavior in the US is so strongly divided by race that it is best to analyze the association separately, so I present the voting patterns for whites in the GSS by beliefs in the Bible. Among those who believe the bible is the inerrant word of god, only a third voted for Barak Hussein Obama (probably the anti-Christ, from Kenya, or maybe Indonesia).  Just under 50% of white Americans who thought the Bible was inspired by God (48% of whites) voted for Obama.  But, among the nearly 23% of white Americans who think the Bible is a load of bunk written by ancient goatfuckers, 79.3% voted for Barak Hussein Obama!!! Yeeeeeee HAwwwww!

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