Jesus Hates Unions

God Hates Unions and Homos

Lest there be any doubt about who the Koch Brothers are loading up in their Teabagger express buses to protest  FOR cuts to education, public health, and all manner of public services–it’s the Christianists. After all, they don’t send their kids to school. They’re “homeschooled” or they go to far right wing Christian schools where their kids learn that Jesus wrote the constitution, and that taxes, schools, roads, healthcare, clean water, and stuff like that are evil and communist. Education and clean water cause homosexuality and atheism. Paying people enough money to buy a home and send their kids to college is an abomination. Americans should make less than the minimum wage, which is also a communist plot against god. Only rich people are supposed to have food and health care and homes. Poor people are poor because Jesus hates them. So, if you try to help the poor, you hate Jesus.


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