Decreasing Confidence in Religion in the United States

Confidence in Organized Religion, 1973-2008 GSS

Mark Silk was making a point about fluctuations in support for religious influence, where he rightly points out that under Democrats people report wanting more religious influence, while under republicans people report wanting less. Still, one wonders about the overall perception of the desirability of religious influence. The GSS gets close to that with its indicator of “confidence in organized religion”, and it now  has a 35 year trend line in the GSS. What it shows is that in the bad old days, more than a third of Americans were very confident organized religion, while only 15% or so had no confidence in organized religion

Fast forward 35 years, and about 25% have no confidence in organized religion, while only 20% are very confident in the work of organized religion.

Unfortunately, the religious fucks have leeched onto the plutocrats, and they’re way more influential than they should be.


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