Repeal the 2nd Amendment

2nd Amendment Solution---Repeal

“ A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Many of the most serious problems with the United States of America swirl around the politics of the 2nd Amendment to the constitution. The right to keep and bear arms, so we can have 2nd Amendment solutions to political outcomes not favored by gun nuts. Why? Well, gun nuts want to take this thing literally, and I guess they should. It’s literally in the fucking constitution! Shall not be infringed? What does that mean. Well, gee, I think that means that the United States cannot allow laws which prevent people from keeping and bearing “arms”. What are “Arms”? Well, any fucking armament!!! Here is where I agree with Larry Pratt, president of Gun Owners of America.  The second amendment clearly states that people are free to own and carry ANY armament they wish! Why? So they can form people’s militias!!!! Yes. That’s Right. I agree. That’s what the Constitution says, and that is what the founders originally intended.

But, remember that our founding fathers were a bunch of stinky drunk genocidal slaveholders who really wanted to make sure that white people would not be prevented from eliminating those damned indigenous! The original intent of the constitution was to ensure that white citizens could form armies (by any means necessary, using whatever armaments they could afford) so they could kill the indigenous and prevent slave uprisings!!

The “solution” to gun control is to admit that it is unconstitutional—the state does not have the right to ban handguns or automatic weapons–or even tanks  and bombs. It has no authority to restrict the purchase of guns, or even to prevent people from carrying them wherever they want. It is unconstitutional to ban carrying hand grenades in public spaces like sports stadiums, elementary schools, or hospitals.

Having now admitted that this gaggle of smelly racists made a stupid public policy decision a couple hundred years ago, we can get on with the business of repealing the second amendment and treating firearms and other armaments as dangerous devices which need strict regulation on their ownership, sale, production, storage, and transportation.

I’m not anti-gun or anti-hunting. I think sane stable citizens should be allowed to own hunting rifles and shotguns, and that serious shooters should be allowed to own target pistols and even semi-auto pistols. I don’t think anyone other than on-duty police officers should be allowed to brandish or conceal a weapon in public. The people who really want to own and carry military fireware are almost uniformly a bunch of cowardly pussies, and the rest are just nuts—or they are public officials, lawyers, and judges who have to fear for their safety because every nutjob has a gun. Conservatives are fearful, it’s in their brain. They’re afraid, so they need a gun. They need it in case they need to shoot someone on the way to the Safeway.

I was lucky. The crazy dumbfuck psychiatric patient Vietnam Vet with a plate in his head who shot me only hit me once in the shoulder. He unloaded a 38 revolver at me in front of a convenience store in Tulsa in 1986, but I dodged the first five shots. He had three other guns in his apartment at the time. He should not have been allowed to purchase guns or ammunition.

Repeal Now!  Yeah, right….Only if we were a sane and civilized nation…..

7 Responses to “Repeal the 2nd Amendment”

  1. Xray Says:

    You convinced me!
    Unfortunately, the NRA owns too many politicians. So it won’t happen anytime soon. But it’s time to start bringing up the topic. After all, could anyone have believed 30 years ago that gays could marry? No, these things take time. But the first step is to get the idea out there and get it noticed.
    Repeal the 2nd!!!

  2. Mike Barkley Says:

    Profane as it is, yours is probably the most “right on” analysis out there.
    It is time for those of us who believe the Second Amendment should be repealed to stand up and run for Congress. To that end I am accumulating links to web articles and lead comments (including yours) advocating repeal at . Best wishes, –Mike

  3. Hollis Says:

    Since the only way to know if someone *might* own a firearm is to look at the list of registered firearms, you seem to be advocating a defacto disarming of law abiding (and presumably) peaceful citizens. Keep in mind that in many states, you are not required to formally document any transfer of a firearm from one individual to another, even if the transaction takes place across state lines; assuming reciprocity among the states in question. Such states typically have higher rates of gun ownership than the ones with tighter gun control. In any case, who’s going to volunteer to go door to door to confiscate the firearms? Anybody? Any volunteers? Have you ever heard the expression, “You can take my gun when you pry it from my cold dead hands”? Like many “progressive” agendas, repealing the 2nd Amendment is a pipe-dream of an ideal possessed by a limited number of “enlightened” individuals. Have you ever taken the time to come up with a list of what makes you so dammed “enlightened” anyway? I’m dying to know what makes you intellectually “superior”.

    • sherkat Says:

      Who said anything about confiscating your precious penis extender? I just love it when fraidy-pants pussies who have to have guns to protect themselves get all threatening and shit. Gee, and you wonder why I think you people shouldn’t be able to buy ammo at midnight at WalMart? The visceral reaction of gun nuts to any attempt to regulate guns is the reason why we need to regulate guns. Unbalanced pussies with guns who want to carry them to class and into bars and sporting events really need to have some controls.

  4. Armed Black Men, Our Only Hope for Gun Control « Iranianredneck’s Weblog Says:

    […] Unfortunately, the latest incident of a brown person being shot by some racist wimp with a gun  has shifted the debate in the predictable direction of demanding severe punishment for the racist shooter, rather than focusing on the laws that enable racists everywhere to tote guns around and shoot people anytime they are scared or pissed off or drunk. Anthea has a great take on the big picture, the United States is an exceptionally racist nation that tolerates and even facilitates the violent oppression of brown people.  Indeed, this exceptionalism is built into the Constitution in the 2nd Amendment—the right to carry arms anywhere so white people can shoot the browns. That’s what the founding fathers meant. […]

  5. Hollis Says:

    Get a clue, buddy, racism is in every corner of the Earth and America isn’t the “most racist”. True story, bro… Try looking in a mirror to find your nearest racist. You seem to speak so intimately of these proverbial gun-toting, white male racists itching for the chance to shoot a “brown man” but I’d really like to know how many of these people you actually know on a personal basis… LOL. You crack me up with all your talk about guns being ‘penis extenders’. How about a peaceful pastime I’ve enjoyed with my father since I was nine? … But, you see, you never even responded to my last comment with a legitimate counterargument; exactly how would you go about disarming the US? Do you even realize how many privately owned firearms there are out there? There are THREE for every ONE owned by the military and law enforcement combined. Do the math, you fouled mouthed SOB; even if you miraculously got 80% of the guns out there, there’d still be 40 million or so… mostly in the hands of criminals. Also, are you aware that most murders committed with firearms are “brown” (LOL, gets me everytime) on “brown”? You’re so damn PC you can’t even call them blacks… which they call themselves, btw. Like I said at the beginning, step outside of your mom’s basement and get a clue, buddy.

  6. Hollis Says:

    For serious, though, you should really go outside sometime; there’s all kinds of real-world experience that awaits you.

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