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“Bishop” Eddie Long Dongs his Throng


Percentages Opposed or Strongly Opposed to Same-Sex Marriage by Racial Group: 1988-2008 General Social Surveys

As ” Bishop”  Long sings his song about donging his throng, I was reminded of a paper we recently published in Social Science Quarterly examining the gap between African Americans and other Americans (white and otherwise, the otherwise are the most liberal….). First, while we tend to view African Americans as fully under the sway of jackleg preachers like Long, Dollar, and Jakes, differences between whites and African Americans were not apparent in 1988, and other researchers have shown that African Americans hold  considerable liberalism on issues of civil liberties for GLBT persons. So, “Bishop” Long hopping into bed with Gary Bauer and James Dobson is not as natural as it might appear. I do think they probably sucked each others cocks, more on that from Cadillac Kimberley below. But, what struck me in our findings from the SSQ paper is the relatively rapid shift in African American public opinion towards same sex marriage between 2004 and 2008. In that period, opposition to same sex marriage dropped by 9%.  Opinions are shifting, and while African Americans may lag, they appear to be responding to make their stated opinions fit the real worlds in which they live. Hopefully, in a couple of decades, no respectable person will want to be associated with the ilk of Long or Dobson or Bauer or……

Anthea is whipping up a shitstorm over at RD. She went to the friggin’ “I did not suck that  young man’s dick” service!!! Holy Protein Drink!!! I can’t wait for the next installment from Professor Butler….In the meantime, she turned me on to the most genuine expression of theological critique currently available….

Young Homophobic Sectarians Left Behind


Support for and Opposition to Same Sex Marriage in the Post 1978 and Pre-1946 Cohorts By Sectarian Religious Identification: 2006-2008 General Social Surveys

While conservative Christian activist scholars have touted the myth that younger sectarians are less homophobic and just like everyone else, actual analyses of data show that the gap between sectarians and other Americans has actually GROWN across cohorts (even though younger sectarians are less homophobic than older Sectarians).  Mark Silk has a nice review of our soon to be published Social Science Research paper, and he ponders whether maybe our cohorts are too old to identify this supposed liberalization among young sectarians. But, no matter how you cut the cohorts, the gap between sectarians and other Americans has actually grown. The distance between sectarians and others among those born after 1978 is 31% for opposition to same sex marriage, while that gap was under 26% for those born before 1946.  The gap in support for same sex marriage is over 27% in the post 1978 cohorts, while for those born before the end of WWII it is just over 17%.  These simple results parallel the interaction effects found in Table 3 of our Social Science Research paper using a broader post-1965 younger cohort. It doesn’t matter how you slice it, the sectarians have been left behind.

Online “education”


Now this is what I call online!!!!

Academic fads are a real pain in the ass. The most pressing problem in higher education in the United States is academic fads. Assessment, shared governance, first year experiences, residential colleges, whatever the flavor of the month. If you can sell it, you can become an assistant dean of idiotic administration. Some people literally weasel their way into creating bureaucracies within  universities devoted to their pet academic fad! Online education is the latest one, and it’s spurred by interest groups selling bullshit privatized degrees (and copping most of their coin from Federal student aid). My buddy Mike Humphries and I were lamenting this today. Why the fuck should a real university even try to compete with some online diploma mill? Indeed, why should it even try to use these technologies? The whole fucking educational system is now stratified not only by who does or does not go to college, but also by who does and does not go to a REAL college! Ask your local or global capitalist if they are going to hire someone from the University of ” Phoenix”. Universities need to  confront this problem directly and advertise the fact that, for example, our humble department of sociology would not admit a student to our graduate program if their degree was done online.

I just met a dozen or so really bright young people engaging important topics at our SIU Sociology Club meeting. I’m really glad we have Cathy Field helping with our undergrads, and what that means is that these people get set straight and have access to real honest to fuck sociologists who do research and publish shit and stuff. And maybe some of these young people might aspire to do likewise. And, I’ve seen our undergraduates go on to get PhDs and become tenured sociologists. You don’t get that online. You never will.  The children of your corporate overlords do not have online degrees.