War Against Islam Moves to Tennessee

What is he doing back there?

The Christian Crusades against Islam have moved to the United States. Apparently, Christian American terrorists only recently realized that all of their doctors, dentists, engineers, and falafel salespersons are Muslims. So, obviously, once they figured this out they decided to bomb Dr. Mohammed and his buddy Hassan the Giro King, or at least burn down their devil worshiping temple. You know, “Allah” means “satan” in towelhead language.  Looks like some Christian Terrorist Teabaggers torched the mosque in Murf. TN. I lived in Nashville for 10 years, and Murf is the hometown of Middle Tenn. State Univ. Apparently, the mosque had big backing and was moving along nicely. There’s shitloads of Muslims in Murf and the surrounding area working in various fields. Professors, doctors, engineers, and lots of refugees and more recent immigrants in service occupations–American Citizens, all of them. The Nashville area is more diverse than people think, but of course the Christian Americans are trying to change that.

Holy baby Jesus Diapers! Most Christianist Americans continue to believe that Barak Hussein Obama (aka, the AntiChrist) is a Muslim (which is bad, of course, right?).  While some religious liberals have expressed support for religious freedom and objections against bigotry, the voices of sectarian protestantism, the LDS, and the conservative activists in the Catholic Church seem clearly in league with the crusade against Islam in the US and abroad. It’s flabbergasting to see Jews weigh in against Islam! Gee, you know….George Washington once promised that America wouldn’t just tolerate Jews, but would accept them as full citizens–as Americans. Real Americans. But, I guess we can’t do that with them Muslims right. After all, we’re at war with Islam.

And so, Real Christian Americans are rising up and opposing mosques throughout the United States! It’s not just for NYC. Indeed, the “ground zero” mosque is the third mosque in NYC to meet serious opposition in the last few years. Brooklyn is also sacred (in a Judeo-Christian but-definitely-not-Islamic-kind-of -way)  lest we forget.  Christian America.

One Response to “War Against Islam Moves to Tennessee”

  1. Tehmina Says:

    Well don’t you know this country was founded by “Christians” and its constitution is based on “the Christian principles”!!! I had to argue with a pastor here in Michigan for several days because that is what he was preaching in his Church. Since I am not American, I am not allowed to know about his country and its constitution more than he does. Some Americans had to finally intervene to make him retract his statements.

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