Mosque of Death

Well, the new Christianist-Zionist whipping boy is that them damned Muslims is buildin’  ’em a devil worshiping factory right on top of the ruins of the good Christian World Trade Center, thus replacing Godly Christian-Jewish Capitalism with unholy, socialist, homosexual, devil-worshiping Islam right in the heart of Jesus Fearing Manhattan.

Jesus fucking Judas! First, of course, I’m opposed to allowing religious groups to develop tax-free property, and I think that all religious structures are businesses and should be subject to whatever codes would apply to a liquor store, porn shop, or ice-cream parlor.  Second, the “mosque” in this project is nothing more than a little chapel like thing—what this is is a bunch of rich Moslems in NYC (notably disconnected from the more religious types) putting in an Islamic version of a YMCA so people who work in the belly of the beast can have a daycare and kids camps, go swimming, workout, play basketball, and have anonymous sex in the locker room with people who share their religious superstitions. If you look at the long list of Muslims killed in the 911 attack, you can think that there are probably shitloads of Muslims working in all of those big tall buildings who might want to run out and hit the elliptical machine at lunch, or drop their kid off at summer camp, or get a quick blowjob in the locker room….It’s fun to be at the YMMA!

Third, since when is “two large NYC blocks and around the corner” the same thing as “right on top of the smoldering remains” ? I’m guessing that they wish they could find a cheap enough property away from the environmental hazards of “ground zero”–especially since the Repugnicans blocked health funding for “Ground Zero.”

Of course, since Christians and Jews hate Muslims and anyone who they think might be a Muslim (Sikhs, especially), this kind of shit is being reenacted all over the country–just not in front of the TeeVee cameras.  Religious freedom means the freedom to use the tax dollars of the United States of America to promote Christianity and Zionist Judaism, and to prevent other religious groups from operating. Thank you Jesus, Thank you Lord….

2 Responses to “Mosque of Death”

  1. James Sweet Says:

    I liked your analogy to a YMCA, and I have used that in discussing the mosque with people. It helps clarify just how absurd this whole thing is.

    Then again, it’s only absurd when you look at it from a logical, ethical, moral, philosophical, rational, or compassionate perspective(s). From a political perspective, Rethuglican opposition to the mosque makes perfect sense.

  2. Axel Says:

    Wow! Your conclusion was really strange, given the epithet of “devil-worshiping” to islam and all your really cool expletives.

    I just hope you don’t end up locked inside a halaltaxi on Manhattan.

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