Francis Collins, to be Perfectly Clear…

Not an Evangelical....

There is a lot of confusion about Francis Collins’ religious commitments, and both conservative Christians and opponents of theocratic control over scientific resources have contributed to the misunderstanding. For some odd reason, the Antichrist, Barak Hussein Obama, appointed this yahoo to be head of the NIH, even though it is certain that Collins did not vote for Obama. Despite being the Antichrist, and a totalitarian who is, literally, the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler, Obama loves to make compromises and to make sure that his opponents (the good Christian Republicans) don’t feel left out of decisionmaking. It must be some kind of plot that only the Antichrist can understand.

Both Christianists and scientists fearful of sectarian adulteration of science mischaracterize Collins’ religious commitments as being “evangelical Christian.” That’s bullshit. And, from the Christianist side, that kind of bullshit is designed to unite vague liberal Protestants–like Collins–with backwoods fundamentalists. See, here’s a scientist who believes in Jesus! Therefore? What? Really? Which Jesus?  What is lacking in all of this brouhaha is any substantive analysis of just what Collins believes, which religious groups he aligns with, and what that means about the limits of doing science while believing stories about the supernatural.

Collins is not and has never been an evangelical Christian. He is not a member of a denomination which supports evangelizing. He is not a member of an exclusivist sect which purports to have sole proprietorship on positive supernatural compensators (heaven) and protection from supernatural punishments (hell). He rejects the evangelical identity.  He is not a fundamentalist, by any means. Indeed, he ridicules biblical inerrantists using a common Catholic argument against such perspectives. Collins believes in evolution, and is clearly a strong scholar. He has a vague, ephemeral theology, where salvation isn’t really about hellfire or heaven, but an almost Tillichian oneness with god. Collins’ Jesus has almost metaphoric divinity, and his “creator” is by no means an old judge in the sky. What is Collins? Well, fucking Duh! HE’S A LIBERAL PROTESTANT!!!! He’s not at all an evangelical, or fundamentalist or sectarian. Why doesn’t anyone come on out and say that? Ok, I just did.

The reason why Christianists want to make Collins out to be a fundy, is that supports their contention that there is no conflict between religion and science. But there is a strong conflict between fundamentalist religion and science, which is why there are no true fundamentalist scientists of Collins’ caliber–not Moslem, not Hindu, not Buddhist, not Jewish, not Christian. If the monkey warriors built the mountain range for the war god, then there isn’t much point in studying plate tectonics.

I doubt Collins will have any negative impact on medical scientific research at NIH. However, he will have a profoundly negative impact on social scientific and public health research. I want to know what he thinks about sexuality, poverty, health education, birth control, health service provision, racial disparities, and things like that. How does his faith inform those things? My guess is he’s stuck in the early 20th century social gospel, the folks who brought us the syphilis epidemic and “charity” based public health. That’s why he was a horrible choice. Fucking Antichrist can’t do shit right, no wonder Jesus is going to kick his ass in Armageddon…..

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