Abstinence Means Forever: Palintology 243

Number of Sex Partners in the last 5 years

My old friend Anthea Butler has a nice take on Bristol Palin’s supposedly forthcoming wedding to the guy she was banging without any contraception when she was 16. Ah yes, if only all unwed pregnant teens would simply get rich parents and marry the little sperminator, Jesus would return and deliver us from the Anti-Christ (BHO, of course). Of course, if they’d just use a fucking condom they wouldn’t get pregnant in the first place.  But, Anthea’s beef is with the long term message of the religious right. Abstinence is necessary. You should marry young, just like the little pseudosociologists tell you, and have sex only for the creation of god conscious children (just like in the Hare Krishna!). End of problem!!!!

So, we all know this doesn’t work too well for the fundy kids, and most normal people wait until they are adults to marry.  The fundy kids, they tend to wind up like Bristol Palin, only their mommies don’t have a slush fund to help pay the rent, food, and other things a kid will need it you’re too stupid to purchase and use condoms. So, instead we see the single mothers with three children before they’re 22, or young couples forced to marry at 18 and live in squalor with no knowledge of how to raise their poor offspring (who they will, no doubt, homeschool)…But what about those nice good fundy kids who just can’t quite meet the right person. That perfect soul-mate for whom it is worth it to have disgusting sex and give away your purity.  What about fundies over 35 who aren’t married. Are they celibate?

I examined this using the 5 year sex partner data from the GSS. I look at three groups. 1: Never married people (comparing members of sectarian denominations to more normal Americans); (2) Never Married People over 35 (again, sect members versus others); and All people (married, widowed, divorced, never married).

Among never marrieds, the sectarians are only slightly  more likely to be celibate, and even more unmarried sectarians report having one or two sex partners in the last five  years than do unmarried people with other religious ties (more fornication, from their perspective).  Unmarried people who aren’t fundies are more likely to have three or more partners when compared with fundies.

Jumping to older unmarried people, the differences disappear. Among unmarried people over age 35, there is no significant difference between the number of sex partners reported by sectarians versus others.  About 27% in both groups report no sex in the last five years (pathetic! Anthea, I’m going to start screening your dates!). Another 28% in both groups were monogamous.  About 14% in both groups had two partners, and about 30% in both groups had more than that.

The little pantie wad crowd needs to get a life and stop dreaming about fornication. When we look at ALL Americans (most of whom are married), about 14% are celibate, and 54% are monogamous—regardless of religious ties. Sectarians are less likely to report having more than three sex partners compared to other Americans. If they can be believed about anything…..


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