The War Against Sperm Banks

Oh, Jesus fuck a bunny. Now, you know what the asshat sociology crowd has their collective girdles in a knot about? Sperm banks. Yes, right wing motherfucker pseudosociology is now taking on that horrible practice of “artificial” insemination. I don’t know, but I think if someone squirts  some semen on me, I’m likely inclined to think it real, rather than artificial. Of course, this is really just a part of the war against women. Yes, for Christian patriarchs (however limp and flaccid), a woman must be inseminated by a man who serves as her lord and husband. Just as Jesus Fucking Christ is the Lord and husband of whores like Mary Magdalene, or something like that. Anyway, nowhere in the Bible, which is the literal word of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, does it say that Jesus and/or any of the twelve single men he frolicked around Palestine with gave a bukkake party for Mary Magdalene. No.  Too fucking bad, eh?

Frankly, this is nothing short of an ideological abuse of the social sciences. This “study” appears to have done nothing other than ask some irrelevant and inappropriate questions of kids who were conceived through “artificial” insemination. “Do you think your sperm donor is important” and shit like that. I’m wondering, Gee, what human subjects committee thought that was an appropriate question for a study of adolescent functioning? What does that tap? The hostility towards single mothers in Christian America? How that hostility is inflicted on innocent bystanders like kids who were conceived from sperm donation? I’m wondering which human subjects committee actually approved that! Notably, the supposedly scientific study supposedly compares these poor children of sperm donors to a set of children from married heterosexual couples who only have sex for the creation of Jesus conscious children and only use the missionary position and never have oral sex or anything disgusting and satanic like that. I’m thinking, gee, how relevant is the comparison of these questions about longing for having a father to kids who DO have male parents. Why was that asked? Is that science? Have you had undergraduate sociological research methods?

Unlike this bunch of closet cases with housewives and homeschooled or private schooled kids, I actually have helped raise some kids. Yes, kids without fathers would like fathers. Big fucking deal. Kids with fucked up fathers don’t like fathers. I know that from helping with Cub Scouts and coaching soccer and volunteering at my son’s very wonderful Public School. Kids with cool single mothers may wish they have a father, but they don’t want so-and-so’s fucked up jesus fuck father who will kill them for random violations of his religious nonsense, or molest him to get the demons out of him, or refuse to take him for medical care and instead try to pray the illness away. Anyone interested in thinking about that shit as a problem for the modern family? Anyone interested in studying the negative effects of Jesus families with ten kids and shit? No. We’re all hot an bothered about a handful of rich women having babies without penile penetration.

The United States is poised to eliminate school lunch programs for underprivileged children. And Jesus Freak sociology is interested in Sperm. The War in Afghanistan is the longest war in American history. And Jesus Freak Sociology is very concerned about the possiblity that sperm is being used in an inappropriate fashion. The Apartheid Zionists just murdered nine aid workers (one of them an American citizen) and American Sociologists for Jesus are in a tizzy about this turkey-baster baby thing. Teachers are being fired from public schools throughout the nation, and breakfast and head start programs are being eliminated. But, Sperm donation is the most important problem Jesus Freak family sociologists can think of….fuck you, you fucking fucks.

5 Responses to “The War Against Sperm Banks”

  1. Hagan Says:

    I’d say preach it, but that might just be too ironic for an article about this ass clowns. I saw this article last week and I wondered if you’d have anything to say on it, glad to see you do.

  2. sherkat Says:

    No, instead, you should say “I like Bukkake!!!!”

    ten more articles and two more books and I’m switching to reptiles and amphibians. I’ll never have to deal with a motherfucking closet case fascist asshole again….


    iam a research scholar. and iam doing my research in the ethical perspectives of “sperm donation”. sperm and ova are the basic element for the life.
    can we deduce it to mere comercial commodity?????

  4. sherkat Says:

    No. Sperm should be free. All masturbatory ejaculant should be collected and stored in deep freezes. Eggs should be harvested from all pubescent women and similarly protected for their divine purpose.

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