Allah hates Jesus

Some fundy church in Ohio had a big ugly Jesus statue beside hwy 75. Fundies love putting up tacky crap to signify their domination over others, and to make the rest of the community look as tacky as their own homes. Well, Allah showed those fuckers, eh! The giant ugly Jesus was struck by lightening and burned down…..

Jesus, we have a problem...

Hmmm….once you burn off the fascade, there isn’t much left of Jesus….


Jesus is just a bunch of burnt out wire....


2 Responses to “Allah hates Jesus”

  1. ryan Says:

    Now that’s what I call a touchdown!

    I used to drive by this thing when I lived in Cincinnati and I cringed every time. It was ugly and made me self-conscious to be both American and a Cincinnatian.

    Maybe god really does hate idols?!? 😉

    FYI, you made my day posting this… Good riddance.

  2. sherkat Says:

    Yeah! My buddy Mike Humphries, who was a member of the Jesus Seminar, sent me some additional links with really cool pics (I reposted). Mike and I were just having a long discussion about Jesus, and his followers. Jesus probably existed, but other than that, it’s all speculative. After a bottle of wine, we concluded he was the gay bastard son of a Roman soldier….Though Mike is agnostic regarding the Pantera thesis, and when sober he even thinks Jesus might have been relatively heterosexual.

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