War Against Islam, 3.45

the endless goatfuck

Ah yes, more than 1,000 dead Americans in the Afghan war on Islam. Drone bombs on Pakistan don’t seem to be helping. I was thinking maybe we should just declare victory, and send all the troops to the Gulf of Mexico to scrub beaches and incarcerate BP, Halliburton, and Deepwater executives. But, there’s still money to be made by the Military Industrial Complex. And, of course, we have our Christianist and Zionist lobbies advocating genocide, we can’t ignore those constituencies, now, can we?

Great to see that we’ve done nothing regarding the latest Zionist atrocities in Gaza, or the high seas. Instead, an icon of journalism (one of the last living journalists), Helen Thomas has been forced to finally retire for suggesting that maybe these European fascists who are causing all of these problems in Occupied Palestine should go back to where they fucking came from. Wow. Gee. I can see how that is a problem for the Muslim Genocide lobby.  We can’t have old ladies saying shit like that, now, can we? Indeed, given that the Zionists are actively preventing Jewish immigration to places like Germany and Poland, and are using their population increases to complete the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, such talk of returning to London, New York, Chicago, Berlin, Warsaw or Zurich is just crazy anti-Semitic nonsense.

Professor Walt has a great idea!! If we had any morals, the United States would be escorting aid ships to Gaza. It would be good for all involved, Israel, the United States, Gaza, the entire planet.  Ha! Right. Let’s face it. The United States will sit here and do nothing until they throw the last Gazan into an oven.


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