Rue McClanahan

Old Okie

Another one gone. Rue McClanahan is someone I really admired, and was a fellow graduate of the University of Tulsa. I don’t watch Tee Vee or even see many movies. But, this old gal made a difference. I can tell by talking to my mother, who does watch a lot of tee vee. McClanahan made her career portraying strong women and solid liberal values. She did so with dignity, force, and defiance. She had to. McClanahan grew up in BUMFUCK Oklahoma, somewhere outside of Ardmore….there isn’t anything in Ardmore, much less outside of Ardmore. McClanahan got the fuck out of rural Oklahoma, graduated from the University of Tulsa, and went on to Broadway. She never forgot where she came from, but not in that sappy sentimental way. She resented the values and prejudices of her backward upbringing, and she did everything she could to promote women’s rights and the rights of non-human creatures. I’ll be sending a check to TU for her memorial fund.


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