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I always read the names and hometowns of the soldiers killed to help line the pockets of the criminals from the Military Industrial Complex. These brave men and women who are just trying to help others, and sacrifice their lives for the avarice and capriciousness of scumbags like Dick Cheney and careerist asshole liars like Stan the Man McChrystal. Today, a name sent me looking, Andrew R. Looney, from Owasso, OK. A suburb of Tulsa. I knew a couple of Looney’s, and the kid was two years younger than my daughter. I looked up his memorial page on-line and read down to “….his parents, Martha and Cleo…” and I reflexively said, “oh, thank god, it’s not Paul’s kid”

That is fucked up to the highest degree—I don’t believe in gods, and it doesn’t matter if this kid was the child of an old high school chum—another person’s child got killed in this stupid effort to make money for Dick Cheney and his buddies.  Spc Andrew R. Looney  already had his foot blown off in Iraq, and those motherfuckers sent him back to Afghanistan to finish him off.

Looney wasn’t alone:

From Crooks: n Afghanistan, the deaths of 17 soldiers: SPC Joseph Johnson, 24, of Flint, Mich.; PFC Gunnar Hotchkin, 31, of Naperville, Ill.; SPC Nathan W. Cox, 27, Fremont, Calif.; PFC Benjamin Park, 25, Fairfax Station, VA; SSG James G. Hunter, 25, South Amherst, Ohio; SPC Scott A. Andrews, 21, of Fall River, Mass.; LCpl Timothy G. Serwiniowski, 21, North Tonawanda, N.Y.; SPC Joseph P. Dohrenwend, 20, Milford, Ohio; 1SG Eddie Turner, 41, Fort Belvoir, Va.; PFC David P. Miller, 19, Wilton, N,Y.; SPC Andrew R. Looney, 22m Owasso, OK; Cpl Claudio Patino IV, 22, Yorba Linda, Calif.; Cpl. Kevin A. Cueto, 23, San Jose, Calif.; Cpl. Joshua R. Dumaw, 23, Spokane Valley, Wash.; PFC Anthony T. Justesen, 22, Wilsonville, Ore.; PFC Russell E. Madden, 29, Dayton, Ky.; and 1SG Robert N. Barton, 35, Roxie, Miss.

The War Against Sperm Banks


Oh, Jesus fuck a bunny. Now, you know what the asshat sociology crowd has their collective girdles in a knot about? Sperm banks. Yes, right wing motherfucker pseudosociology is now taking on that horrible practice of “artificial” insemination. I don’t know, but I think if someone squirts  some semen on me, I’m likely inclined to think it real, rather than artificial. Of course, this is really just a part of the war against women. Yes, for Christian patriarchs (however limp and flaccid), a woman must be inseminated by a man who serves as her lord and husband. Just as Jesus Fucking Christ is the Lord and husband of whores like Mary Magdalene, or something like that. Anyway, nowhere in the Bible, which is the literal word of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, does it say that Jesus and/or any of the twelve single men he frolicked around Palestine with gave a bukkake party for Mary Magdalene. No.  Too fucking bad, eh?

Frankly, this is nothing short of an ideological abuse of the social sciences. This “study” appears to have done nothing other than ask some irrelevant and inappropriate questions of kids who were conceived through “artificial” insemination. “Do you think your sperm donor is important” and shit like that. I’m wondering, Gee, what human subjects committee thought that was an appropriate question for a study of adolescent functioning? What does that tap? The hostility towards single mothers in Christian America? How that hostility is inflicted on innocent bystanders like kids who were conceived from sperm donation? I’m wondering which human subjects committee actually approved that! Notably, the supposedly scientific study supposedly compares these poor children of sperm donors to a set of children from married heterosexual couples who only have sex for the creation of Jesus conscious children and only use the missionary position and never have oral sex or anything disgusting and satanic like that. I’m thinking, gee, how relevant is the comparison of these questions about longing for having a father to kids who DO have male parents. Why was that asked? Is that science? Have you had undergraduate sociological research methods?

Unlike this bunch of closet cases with housewives and homeschooled or private schooled kids, I actually have helped raise some kids. Yes, kids without fathers would like fathers. Big fucking deal. Kids with fucked up fathers don’t like fathers. I know that from helping with Cub Scouts and coaching soccer and volunteering at my son’s very wonderful Public School. Kids with cool single mothers may wish they have a father, but they don’t want so-and-so’s fucked up jesus fuck father who will kill them for random violations of his religious nonsense, or molest him to get the demons out of him, or refuse to take him for medical care and instead try to pray the illness away. Anyone interested in thinking about that shit as a problem for the modern family? Anyone interested in studying the negative effects of Jesus families with ten kids and shit? No. We’re all hot an bothered about a handful of rich women having babies without penile penetration.

The United States is poised to eliminate school lunch programs for underprivileged children. And Jesus Freak sociology is interested in Sperm. The War in Afghanistan is the longest war in American history. And Jesus Freak Sociology is very concerned about the possiblity that sperm is being used in an inappropriate fashion. The Apartheid Zionists just murdered nine aid workers (one of them an American citizen) and American Sociologists for Jesus are in a tizzy about this turkey-baster baby thing. Teachers are being fired from public schools throughout the nation, and breakfast and head start programs are being eliminated. But, Sperm donation is the most important problem Jesus Freak family sociologists can think of….fuck you, you fucking fucks.

Why anti-Gay “Experts” won’t Testify


Ha! I got you again!

Nooseweek has a rather underdocumented “article” claiming that right wing fucktard pseudoscholars are supposedly afraid to testify against granting civil rights to all Americans. Gee, Really? Didn’t George Rekers just take home nearly $200k for claiming that GLBT people are bad parents? My gods. Given that these meatwhips are  only occasional contributors  to scholarly fields far out of the range of the scientific study of sexuality— and that what they do write on sexuality is so far out there that no legitimate scholarly journal would even send it out for review—I think their identities need to be made known, so that legitimate scientists might be prompted to weigh in. Indeed, in this day and age, I don’t really understand why experts are partisans in the judicial process. Lawyers should be able to suggest experts, but the court should call witnesses based on basic research.

Allah hates Jesus


Some fundy church in Ohio had a big ugly Jesus statue beside hwy 75. Fundies love putting up tacky crap to signify their domination over others, and to make the rest of the community look as tacky as their own homes. Well, Allah showed those fuckers, eh! The giant ugly Jesus was struck by lightening and burned down…..

Jesus, we have a problem...

Hmmm….once you burn off the fascade, there isn’t much left of Jesus….


Jesus is just a bunch of burnt out wire....

Ask me no questions, tell me no truths


Why ask questions now, bitch?!

So, here we sit in the longest war in American History, and the only major scientific survey of American political attitudes, the General Social Survey, has no plans to ask any Americans what they think about the War on Islam. None. Never. Nothing. This is the most egregious example of the takeover of the social sciences by conservative interests that I can imagine. Nothing. Nothing in almost a decade. We’re supposed to rely on Fox News polls with 2% response rates which ask nothing about social background factors? Is that it? Why? What questions are being asked in the last four editions of the GSS from 2004, 2006, 2008, and now 2010 GSS during which our wars have been raging? Why were those questions asked instead of questions about our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which were taking the lives of thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghanis? Why? Oh, Jesus fucking shit, we all know why!!! It’s because the GSS and the ANES and other surveys are whored out to right wing private foundations like Templeton and Pew, and once they are finished asking such important questions as “does your religion help you in life” or “is the Republican party more family friendly” or whatever the fuck, there is no room left on the schedule to ask what Americans think about the New Crusades. Fuck you, you fucking fucks, and you know who you are. You are whores of the highest order, and I have no respect for you. Of course, that means nothing to you, since I don’t hold the purse strings to any grants you hope to get….

War Against Islam, 3.45


the endless goatfuck

Ah yes, more than 1,000 dead Americans in the Afghan war on Islam. Drone bombs on Pakistan don’t seem to be helping. I was thinking maybe we should just declare victory, and send all the troops to the Gulf of Mexico to scrub beaches and incarcerate BP, Halliburton, and Deepwater executives. But, there’s still money to be made by the Military Industrial Complex. And, of course, we have our Christianist and Zionist lobbies advocating genocide, we can’t ignore those constituencies, now, can we?

Great to see that we’ve done nothing regarding the latest Zionist atrocities in Gaza, or the high seas. Instead, an icon of journalism (one of the last living journalists), Helen Thomas has been forced to finally retire for suggesting that maybe these European fascists who are causing all of these problems in Occupied Palestine should go back to where they fucking came from. Wow. Gee. I can see how that is a problem for the Muslim Genocide lobby.  We can’t have old ladies saying shit like that, now, can we? Indeed, given that the Zionists are actively preventing Jewish immigration to places like Germany and Poland, and are using their population increases to complete the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, such talk of returning to London, New York, Chicago, Berlin, Warsaw or Zurich is just crazy anti-Semitic nonsense.

Professor Walt has a great idea!! If we had any morals, the United States would be escorting aid ships to Gaza. It would be good for all involved, Israel, the United States, Gaza, the entire planet.  Ha! Right. Let’s face it. The United States will sit here and do nothing until they throw the last Gazan into an oven.

Skocpol vs Reich…No contest…..Theda wins…


Not a Whore, AND smarter than Reich

So, some diminutive economist-lite thinks he knows politics. I’m all for seizing BP’s assets and nationalizing the entire mineral extraction industry. But, in the here-and-now, Skocpol, a true scholar who is owned by nobody, is dead on—taking charge of this fiasco now would be lunacy!!! There is no “on-off” switch for this catastrophe. The Gulf oil spill will probably continue for another six months. It is, by far, the worst environmental disaster in history (at least to date…).  What the hell is Obama going to do by “taking charge”? The answer is “absolve BP of all responsibility.” I wonder who Reich is taking money from….this reeks of payola.

Rue McClanahan


Old Okie

Another one gone. Rue McClanahan is someone I really admired, and was a fellow graduate of the University of Tulsa. I don’t watch Tee Vee or even see many movies. But, this old gal made a difference. I can tell by talking to my mother, who does watch a lot of tee vee. McClanahan made her career portraying strong women and solid liberal values. She did so with dignity, force, and defiance. She had to. McClanahan grew up in BUMFUCK Oklahoma, somewhere outside of Ardmore….there isn’t anything in Ardmore, much less outside of Ardmore. McClanahan got the fuck out of rural Oklahoma, graduated from the University of Tulsa, and went on to Broadway. She never forgot where she came from, but not in that sappy sentimental way. She resented the values and prejudices of her backward upbringing, and she did everything she could to promote women’s rights and the rights of non-human creatures. I’ll be sending a check to TU for her memorial fund.

Zionist-Crusader Alliance at a Crossroads: Remember the USS Liberty


34 Americans Killed by Israelis

Since 1967, the United States has had no backbone regarding atrocities committed by the Zionists in the lands they were “given” by the Brits. A bunch of wackjob terrorists from England, the US, and the Arab Pen. began running “their” little quarter of Palestine like a concentration camp, stealing land from Muslims, Christians, and Druze, and then disenfranchising them if they allowed them to stay on as guest worker slaves. The atrocities in Gaza are beyond compare. You have to go to two-bit dictatorships in Africa to find this kind of genocidal shit. Now, the Zionists have murdered a bunch of peace workers trying to bring food and supplies to the poor fuckers cordoned off by these fascists. In international waters, no less. And, they’ve shipped nearly 600 aid workers who were not killed off to concentration camps. Fire the ovens! The Goyim needs them some ethnic cleansin’!!!

And, of course, rather than spending my tax dollars helping nice Paraguayans or Tanzanians store and purify water, most of my tax dollars for foreign aid go towards helping the Zionists rape, torture, and pillage the Palestinian people. The ethnic cleansing of Palestine has been highly successful, and it’s too bad that most Americans don’t know that Palestine was about 20% Christian before the Zionist invasion in the middle 20th century…and now fewer than 2% are Christian.

And, this isn’t the first time the Zionists have killed people on the high seas. Indeed, as we just celebrated Memorial Day, it’s instructive that the Zionists murdered a shitload of American Navy and Marines back in 1967. It ain’t exactly a secret conspiracy….even wikifuckingpedia gets most of it down:

“The USS Liberty incident was an attack on a United States Navy technical research ship, USS Liberty, by Israeli Air Force jet fighter planes and motor torpedo boats, on June 8, 1967, during the Six-Day War. The combined air and sea attack killed 34 crew members (naval officers, seamen, two Marines, and a civilian), wounded 171 crew members, and severely damaged the ship.

It is time to seize all Israeli assets in US banks, to eliminate all foreign aid to Israel, and to enact and immediate and permanent arms embargo on this despicable fascist state.