Christian Terrorists Strike Again!

Don't look for this in the New York Times

Ah yes, in the weeks following some Pakistani accountant failing to blow up a 1993 Nissan Pathfinder, there have been at least two Christian Terrorist human fatalities! Great. So, we have a special session of congress about some dork who put a couple of firecrackers, a can of lawnmower fuel, and some Miracle Grow into a car which should have been traded in under Cash-for-Clunkers. At best, someone might have been extremely unlucky and been killed IF the Pathfinder Missile had worked to its optimum. That would have required a very unlucky hipster or bike messenger to be riding right next to it when it “blew”. Jesus fuck. I mean, it’s New York Fucking City. They have open flames blowing out of the sewers onto the sidewalks all the fucking time!

The latest non-reported Christian Terrorist killing took out two police officers and it’s rather shocking that more people weren’t killed or injured. It was a full blown gun battle with police against a couple of Christian Constitutionalist (as James Aho would classify them)  “sovereign citizens”. Two Arkansas State Troopers were murdered by these good Christian fucktards outside of West Memphis. Jesus told them that they had a right to have AK-47s and to shoot any agents of the godless satanic zionist, communist, muslim, occupation government if they dared to ask why they were driving without plates on their vehicle.

Nope. You’ll hear nothing about this. Unimportant. Crazy ARAB, now that’s important. Not crazy white fuckers with 8.6 children each and an arsenal of weapons…..No. You’ll see no sociological studies of the Christianist communes hell bent on war against the anti-Christ. Every ten years someone like Aho or Jurgensmeyer will put something out, and it will be filed under esoterica. I’m sure secular Iranian social scientists under the Shah did the same thing…..

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