Creationists are Stupid: Scientific Proof

More stupid than the average idiot American!

The race for Gubner of Alabammy has come down to a sprint to the bottom of the gene pool, with both candidates vociferously proclaiming their adherence to biblical fundamentalism and their opposition to the evils of Satanic, Islamic, Homosexual theories of evolution. Some have openly  speculated  that this is a war of Moron versus Moron, and that’s a proposition testable by social scientific means.

Using data from the 2006 General Social Survey, I examine the relationship between beliefs in creationism versus evolution and two measures of intelligence–scientific literacy (measured with a 13 point scale developed in Miller 1998), and verbal ability (using a ten point scale examined in a number of recent studies). I find that, well holy fuck,  creationists are indeed cretins, and are probably descendants of Neanderthals. Creationists score solid F grades on both scientific literacy and on verbal ability. In contrast, normal ugly dumb ass Americans score a C in science and a D+ in English language vocabulary. Multivariate findings show that these statistically significant results are not a function of educational attainment, income, region, or ethnicity.  This is your brain on fundamentalist bullshit.

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