Dr. George Alan Rekers, Homophobic Hypocrite

I think I'll let my kids decide for themselves....

Another one. Don’t say the Iranian Redneck didn’t warn you. Remember Sherkat, 2002, JSSR.  Yes, and I am looking at your haircut, and your glamour shot. And, I do think you seem a little effeminate. None of that would mean anything, except that you also have this really weird aversion to and antipathy towards people who aren’t heterosexual….you know who you are…..

I just fucking love Joe. My. God.  Joe got on this pretty quick when the Miami Voice nailed this fucking right wing asshole coming back to the good old United States of Jesus with a very young male prostitute “carrying his baggage.” He’d been “carrying his baggage” for 10 full days on a European vacation! Yes, that’s the guy, Dr, George Alan Rekers, a board member of the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH). One of the founders of the Family Research Council, a key  “intellectual” figure arguing against same sex marriage and adoption (or even childrearing) for same sex couples. Frankly, this guy is Motherfucking Asshole Number 1. He does “expert” testimony to deny people their children. This guy is responsible for the suicides of countless young people who thought they could be cured of their normal sexual desires, only to have their hopes dashed when his bullshit “cure” didn’t work (not for him, either). The fucking hypocrite even had the audacity to reply back to Joe!!!! Oh boy!!! Now, there’s a mistake!! Let’s see, you admit to having hired him through “rentboy.com” …..ah…..Joe’s got his profile….Big dick! Tight Ass!  Likes EVERYTHING. Hot young man! Very young (20). I wonder what a 60+ year-old closeted queen with an ugly porn ‘stache and a combover has to pay for that hunk of meat?  For Ten Days, no less!!!

Yes, I know. Not all of you good Christian conservatives who believe strongly that gays and lesbians do not deserve the same civil, marital and parental rights as other Americans  are closeted homosexuals who frequent young, expensive, Puerto Rican Prostitutes. Most of you are just blowing other anonymous Christianists in local public restrooms for free, or raping alter boys or boy scouts.

Next up, the head of the Heritage Foundation….

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