Fear of a Brown America

Figure 1:  Self Reported Non-Voting in the 2004 Presidential Election: 2008 General Social Survey.

Several pundits have correctly linked the latest fascist laws against immigrant to a desire to disenfranchise American citizens from particular ethnic backgrounds. One can only hope that a backlash will ensue. The fact is, the only reason why there are enough lily white racist Christianist fucktards in the legislatures of states like Arizona and New Mexico is because Latin American CITIZENS of the United States Don’t VOTE. Have you ever been to New Mexico or Arizona? Or even to Tejas? Or California? All of those brown people aren’t illegal aliens. They aren’t even legal residents. They’re fucking United States Citizens. Yet, we treat them like shit and act as if they should have no say about how OUR government operates. Because, the United States is a white Anglo Saxon Christian Nation. Just ask any Christian sociologist or journalist from some Tee Vee network.

Latin American and Asian immigrants–and indigenous Americans–need to be mobilized. They have absolutely pathetic rates of political participation. Arizona politicians should be reflexively fearful of the Latino vote, and instead they don’t give a rat’s ass–because they know that Latinos don’t vote (and they mistakenly think that they don’t even have the right to vote–there are laws against brown people voting, aren’t there?).  43% of American citizens of Latin American origin  in the GSS admit that they didn’t vote in the 2004 Presidential election. More than double the rate of non-voting for cracker Americans.  over 35% of Americans of Indigenous ancestry didn’t vote.  25% of Asians admit to not having voted, and almost 30% of African Americans didn’t even bother to show up and vote against W.

Hopefully, this latest round of fascism will awaken some democracy in America.

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