White People’s Party: The Coming Latino Democratic Surge

Republican and Independent Identifications by Ethnicity: 2008 General Social Surveys

Seine karte bitte!! Ah, yes, the Republicans say Immigration is off the table for now. Like they want to talk about anything….Maybe they noticed that their little fascist tea bagger things were ill-attended, and more likely to spawn third party candidates who will wind up Nadering Republicans. Or, maybe they got a whiff of the frijoles from the crowd —seven times as large as the tea baggers– protesting for basic civil rights for hard working, tax paying  immigrants in this nation of immigrants. The tea baggers made death threats and threw bricks through Representatives’ windows, the immigrants painted swastikas of refried beans–easily cleaned with a bag of tortilla chips. But, the fascist laws that just went into effect in Arizona—basically legalizing the kinds of shit immigrants and long term citizens of Latin American descent have to take up the ass all the time—are not going to be taken lightly.

What the Republicans really just don’t get is that they’ve now alienated their last potential growing constituency—conservative immigrants. In the 2008 GSS, 78% of Republican identifiers are white Western Europeans. Only a minority (35%) of Eastern European white people identify with the Republican Party.  Of course, African Americans switched over to the Democratic Party in droves in the 1960s, and now only a handful of wackjob nutcases (under 7% of African Americans) like Michael Steele affiliate with this whites only club. But, Latin Americans and Asians never fully defected from the Republican Party, even after they became raving fools under Raygun. Indeed, the 2008 GSS show that Americans of  Latin American descent are the largest non-white constituency in the Republican Party—larger than Eastern European whites, Asians, or African Americans.  A sizable majority of Latin Americans reported voting for W in the 2004 election (54%), and Latin American and Asian AMERICAN CITIZENS are a large and growing percentage of the voting population.  Many of these people are relatively recent immigrants (though most are NOT first generation immigrants), and many more have friends and family who are immigrants or who would like to come to our great nation. Many of these citizens have seen children, spouses, and elderly parents denied entry because our laws and procedures are designed to prevent immigrants from coming to America, staying here, and living happy and normal lives. You can’t live a normal life if your adult kid can’t visit or come live with you, or if your elderly parents can’t live with you so you can take care of them. You can’t live normally if you pay taxes but can’t become a citizen. It’s funny that we have all of these lazy, loser-fuck tea baggers protesting paying their taxes, while right behind them was a much larger throng of hard-working, tax-paying immigrants who only want a fair shake.

Ah, but the Republicans are going to get theirs. The Latino vote is a swing vote. Latin American citizens identify as Independent at an extremely high rate (29%) –higher than any other ethnic group (Asians being not far behind at 25%).  Now that it is clear that the White People’s Party wants them subject to security checks when they try to take their kids to school, go to work, or shop for groceries, I have a feeling that many of them will no longer think the Republicans are simply a voice of fiscal or moral conservatism. Indeed, the laws also impact Asians, and many Asian immigrants are realizing that their “model minority” status only extends to Korean Christian physicians, and the rest of you fucking Moslem Hindu Buddhist motherfuckers need to convert or go back to Africa where you belong….I’m thinking maybe that many Asian Americans may feel alienated from the Party of White. Of course, David Duke is all on board….

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