Atlanta, why?

Well, the Southern Sociological Society meetings were a great event in spite of the sucky location. I’m sorry. I just can’t get all hot and bothered about being plopped down in gigantic downtown areas where most of the “amenities” are crappy chain restaurants–if they are open. I spent a bit of Thursday night wandering the streets with Tom S., Vince R., and John N trying to find a fucking beer. Everything was closed. We wound up going back to the same kind of lame brew pub we had left earlier….At least nobody was seriously injured by the irate grad student from an unnamed university….Geez….I always thought Vince and Tom were the most likable people in the world….

I was a bit irritated the whole time in Atlanta, as I was fucked over by the hotel or expedia one, so I paid a hefty $400+ for one night. If this isn’t resolved, and it probably won’t be, I’ll never use expedia again…fuckers. And, I mapquested the wrong hotel and wound up driving all the way across downtown Atlanta….Not fun after 7 hours in the saddle.

But, Jeff Will, Dave Gay, and the regular Southerns crew make it all worthwhile! Jeff has done an awesome job with the student party, and it has really had a strong positive effect on the overall association. Jacksonville is going to be one hell of a party….

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