Kirche Heute

Gee, I think the Germans are on to something…..It’ll be interesting to hear what any of our wonderful conservative Catholic sociologists have to say about any of this. So far, and since 2002 (and most sociologists in the know knew abut the molestation by the late 1980s), absolute silence. Nothing going on here. The problem is feminism, liberalism, and gays and lesbians….not child molesting priests, bishops…Cardinals? Pope?

hat tip to gonorrea.

5 Responses to “Kirche Heute”

  1. Mag Says:

    I dunno. I think I’d rather see pictures of Mohammed…

  2. sherkat Says:

    Oh yeah. Jesus and Mo gotta do something salacious on this stuff.

    I liked his Elton comic:

    and he once did a spoof on my verbal ability paper. Not bad for a guy targeted for death by religious nutcases….

  3. khal spencer Says:

    I must be slow today. Took me a good fifteen seconds to figure out that magazine cover.

  4. Paul P Says:

    Of the Catholic sociologists of religion I can think of (well over 25). perhaps only three or four could be described as “conservative.” And of those, I’ve only heard one (during the discussion portion of a SSSR session) suggest that homosexuality is a cause of the clergy pedophilia problem. He was pretty much hammered for it by the other folks in the room.

  5. sherkat Says:

    And exactly 0–conservative or otherwise—have spoken out against the criminal conspiracy to protect child rapists. And, few of these proud liberal Catholic sociologists have given a liberal voice to issues on health reform, war, sexuality, gender equality, inequality, or environmental issues. In contrast, the voices of conservatives ring loud in support of continued oppression of women and GLBT persons, and supporting sexual abstinence, early marriage, and wifely submission. Yes, I know you are right! Most Catholics–lay or sociologists—are liberal. Indeed, my someday-gonna-be- published paper on trends and predictors of support for same sex marriage shows that Catholics nudge ahead of LIBERAL Protestants in their support for same sex marriage by 2008. But, you’d never know that listening to out-of-the-closet Catholic sociologists.

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