Jesus Fuck! I almost missed blogging against Theocracy!

Jesus would Smack You Shitless

Ah well, I blog against theocracy all the time….

Unfortunately, we still have it. That damned anti-Christ, Moslem, Atheist, Homosexual Communist Barak Hussein Obama guy can’t seem to find the time to defund all of these fucking unconstitutional Christianist front groups proselytizing to the poor using my tax dollars. He can’t seem to get up the Islamic, commie homosexual mojo to defund our support for Christianist militias in Africa (funded under the guise of “anti-aids” and other health movements). And, he can’t seem to grow the nads to end the child abuse that is Christian home-schooling and Christian “schooling”; which fosters our militia movements, domestic abuse, support for warmongering,  racism, and all manner of other ills.

Ah well, what the fuck. At least the FBI seems to be proactively confronting some of these fuckers before they kill too many people. But, of course, that’s just labeled craziness, instead of Christian Terrorism.

And, there is hope. 20% of Americans now reject religion and/or Christianity entirely. The proportion is growing steadily. And, us heathens actually pay our taxes and shit. We even fill out census forms and vote. We teach our children to help others and to be good Americans and citizens of the world. Our kids go to college, get good jobs, and don’t wind up in jail. Some day, some day soon, these Jesus fucks will get their comeuppance.


2 Responses to “Jesus Fuck! I almost missed blogging against Theocracy!”

  1. Mag Says:

    I am making meat of my hands applauding! Great post, Redneck!

  2. christopherwalker Says:

    this is a riot.

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